How old was Yzerman when he became captain?

How old was Yzerman when he became captain?

21 years old
However, during the following season (1986-87), Yzerman would receive the honor of being named the youngest captain in the history of the franchise at 21 years old and led the team to the Campbell Conference Finals, only to lose to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the Edmonton Oilers.

How old was Yzerman when he won a Cup?

age 21
Yzerman’s record for most continuous years as captain without winning the Stanley Cup is also intact. Yzerman, named the youngest captain in Red Wings’ history at age 21 in 1986, was the captain for 11 years before Detroit ended a 42-year drought by sweeping the Philadelphia Flyers in 1997.

How was Steve Yzerman A leader?

“He was a quiet leader, but he knew when to step-up and say the right things, or score the big goal on the ice, or play well when the team really needed him to. lead by example on the ice.” Yzerman’s leadership skills covered all the ages of his teammates.

Did Steve Yzerman win a Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay?

Yzerman led the Wings to five first-place regular season finishes and three Stanley Cup championships (1997, 1998 and 2002).

How long has Yzerman been GM?

From 2010-18, Yzerman served as Vice President and General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, transitioning to an advisory role prior to the 2018-19 season.

How old is Chris Chelios?

59 years (January 25, 1962)
Chris Chelios/Age

When did Steve Yzerman win the Cup?

Steve Yzerman, in full Stephen Gregory Yzerman, byname the Captain, (born May 9, 1965, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada), Canadian American professional ice hockey player who—as the longest-serving captain in National Hockey League (NHL) history—led the Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cup championships (1997.

When did Steve Yzerman win a Stanley Cup?

June 7, 1997 — Yzerman accepts the Stanley Cup from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman after the Red Wings defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 at Joe Louis Arena to complete a four-game sweep in the Final and win their first championship since 1955.

Is Yzerman a good GM?

Yzerman’s arrival signified the dawn of a new era in Motown. Yzerman had built quite the reputation during his time in Tampa Bay. From his shrewd trades to his propensity for finding talent in the mid to late rounds of the draft, Yzerman had proven to be one of the best GMs in the game.

Who is known as the captain in hockey?

In ice hockey, the captain is the player designated by a team as the only person authorized to speak with the game officials regarding rule interpretations when the captain is on the ice.

Did Steve Yzerman build Tampa Bay?

You don’t have the 2020 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning without all the moves, relationships, and contributions that were created by Steve Yzerman. He built them into a consistent contender and his fingerprints are (metaphorically) all over the Stanley Cup.

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