Instagram Videos and Reels – 5 Ways to Download Them

Social media has become a popular source for netizens to watch videos. Many social media platforms allow users to upload videos and reels (short videos) through their accounts and get appreciation from others. Instagram is also one of them. It is considered the most popular social media platform amongst Gen Z people.

Additionally, influencers, celebrities, and athletes also prefer to use Instagram as a channel to interact with their fans. It also allows people to telecast their live streams and answer the queries of their followers in real time.

The reason behind the popularity of Instagram is that it allows you to post pictures or videos along with captions. You can’t create a post without uploading visual content on Instagram.

Additionally, it offers a wide variety of filters and color correction options to enhance the appearance of photos and videos. The best part is it ensures the privacy of uploaded content by not allowing search engines to access photos or videos of an Instagram if it is not a public account. Recently, it has introduced the feature of uploading videos named ‘Reels’ that are quite similar to the ones uploaded on TikTok.

While Instagram is a popular social media platform, so people should also know the main purpose of Instagram, it facilitates users to watch videos. However, they still find downloading videos from Instagram public accounts difficult because they don’t know practical ways.

Therefore, we have discussed a few effective ways to download or save Instagram videos and reels to help them.

Reading this entire article is a must if you are also interested in learning about these methods. Further details are given below:

  • Using Online Downloader

Many people don’t like installing too many apps on their devices to ensure sufficient storage space. Instead, they generally find an online solution to download videos from the web and social media platforms.

Such people can take the help of online tools to avoid the hassle of software or app installation and quickly download their desired videos.

  • Instagram Video Downloader

An online Instagram video downloader is free to use and usable on various devices, such as desktops and smartphones, regardless of their operating systems. Such a tool offers a convenient interface. If you want to download Instagram video, you can use an Instagram video downloader that will download the video without affecting the quality.

  • Instagram Reels Downloader

The method to download Instagram Reels is similar to the one you use to download Instagram videos through an online tool. You can use an online Instagram reels downloader by copying the URL of a video from Instagram and pasting it on the tool.

It will verify the URL and download the reel in the best quality possible without any audio-related issues.

  • Using PC Software

This method is only practical for users who want to save Instagram Reels and videos on their laptop or desktop devices. You need to install software on your device and download its extension for the default browser to download videos and Reels from Instagram.

However, it should be noted that PC software used for video-downloading purposes doesn’t come for free. You can compare the price of multiple options and select the one that fits your budget and needs.

Using PC software to download Instagram Reels and videos is easier. The download option will appear on the screen when you open a video to watch it. Then, you can tap it to download your desired videos.

However, it is worth mentioning that the software set-up used for installing purposes can take a significant time. Moreover, you must be vigilant about whether you have chosen the right format options while installing software to download Instagram videos easily.

  • Using Smartphone Apps

You can also take the help of smartphone apps to download Instagram videos and Reels. This method requires you to download and install an Instagram video downloader app from the app store first. Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can download your desired videos from Instagram. Generally, such apps are available for free.

The method of using them is easy as well. A few applications allow you to browse Instagram and directly download videos and Reels. In contrast, others require you to copy videos’ URLs and paste them into the app for downloading purposes.

Once you paste the link and press the download button, these apps download videos from Instagram and save them on your device for offline usage.

  • Using Browser Extensions

Another method to download Instagram video and Reels is using browser extensions. Browsers offer extension stores for users to download their required extensions for various purposes.

Users who want to download Instagram videos can find a relevant extension and install it on their default browsers.

Once they install the extension on their default browsers, they can easily download videos from Instagram.

It should be noted that these extensions only work with browsers installed on laptop and desktop devices. So whether you want to download an IGTV video, Reels, and post videos, you just have to watch it. The download button will appear on the screen, and you can save videos on your device by clicking on it.

  • Using Screen Recorder

Another easy way to save videos on your smartphone or desktop is to record the screen. You can either do it with the help of the built-in feature in various devices or even use a 3rd-party app for this purpose.

The reason we suggest the use of a 3rd-party app is the inability of some devices to record the audio of the video while recording the screen.

For smartphones, you can start the screen recording by starting the feature from the control navigation. However, if you want more control over screen record capability, it is better to install a third-party app.

Similarly, for desktop or laptop devices, you can install a 3rd party app that allows you to record the screen and save video from IGTV, Instagram Reels, and posts on your devices.

End Words!

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has become a significant source of videos for netizens. Some watch it online, and others want to save such videos on their devices for offline usage. However, many don’t know the right methods to download or save Instagram videos on their devices.

Therefore, we have discussed a few practical methods to help them. Hopefully, it will help you in the future if you also to the second category of Instagram video viewers.