Is a 727 A good transmission?

Is a 727 A good transmission?

The 727 is highly adaptable and strong enough to handle 450hp engines. This makes the A-727 a good candidate for installing into your Chrysler, GM or AMC car or truck. The Torque Command “8” was released in 1956 for use in the full-size Chrysler cars. The rest of the Mopar fleet began using this transmission in 1957.

How can I tell what year my 727 transmission is?

Year. An A-727 can also be identified as being a 1978 and newer lockup units just by examining the transmission’s input shaft. It was built with a lockup if the shaft is smooth at its last half inch, on the contrary, if it is splined to the end of the input shaft, then it is a non-lockup transmission.

Are TorqueFlite transmissions good?

The TorqueFlite Chrysler A904 and A727 ( Torque-Command) transmissions were introduced in early 1960. They were extremely reliable and bulletproof. They were installed in Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler cars, vans, trucks, and even race cars. The TorqueFlite is considered one of the best Dodge/Chrysler transmissions.

How do I identify my Chrysler transmission?

How do I Identify Chrysler Transmissions?

  1. Determine if the transmission is an automatic or a manual, also known as a standard transmission.
  2. Go underneath the vehicle to access the transmission.
  3. Count the number of bolts and view the transmission pan shape on the automatic transmission.

How good is the TorqueFlite transmission?

How much power can a 46rh handle?

I suspect a 46rh in good shape would hold up pretty well behind 300-350 hp, unless you’re really beating on it. If it needs to be rebuilt it can be upgraded with 47rh internal parts very easily and inexpensively.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 727 TorqueFlite transmission?

around hear they usally get between $300.00-$500.00 for a rebuild if you take the trans to them, coarse for that kind of money you can bet they use the cheap kits.

When did the Torqueflite 727 automatic transmission come out?

Chrysler 727 Torqueflite Automatic Transmission. The Chrysler Torqueflite 727 was introduced in 1962 as the replacement to the A-488. For three decades, it was Mopar’s flagship automatic transmission, and an important transmission in the history of Chrysler, as well as Jeeps and other car makers.

When did the Mopar 727 performance transmission come out?

What Is the Mopar 727 Performance Transmission? The Chrysler A-727 transmission, also known as the TorqueFlite 8 units is a three-speed transmission that was launched around 1956. It was mainly used in Mopar cars with larger engine size from 1962 and also found a use case in certain vehicles as their original equipment component.

What’s the gearing on a 727 racing transmission?

Gearing for the 727 is 2.54:1 for 1st gear, 1.54:1 for second, 1:1 for third and 2.21:1 for reverse. The weight of the transmission is a hefty 161 lbs. DYNAMIC builds the very best racing automatic transmissions anywhere!

How to set the torque on a 727?

Once sealed up, Transmission Masters turned the 727 over to its side and adjusted the bands, torquing the adjustment screws to 72 ft. lbs. As per TCI, its a good rule of thumb to adjust the screws once, over-tighten them a turn or two and back them off prior to readjusting the screws back to the proper torque rate to best set the bands.