Is Activa 3G bs3 or bs4?

Is Activa 3G bs3 or bs4?

Although Honda 2 Wheelers is yet to reveal details on launch of new Activa 4G, the scooter is expected to get similar features as that of Activa 3G like 110cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. This Honda engine will be compliant with BS IV emission norms.

What is the highest speed of Activa 3G?

around 75-80 kmph
The Activa 3G is capable of hitting a top speed of around 75-80 kmph with a person of weight 70-80 kg riding the scooter, while the more powerful Activa 125 has slightly higher top speed than the Activa 3G.

What is difference between 3G and 4G Activa?

However, the Activa 4G gets a BS-IV compliant engine, which means the 2017 model Activa has lower emissions….Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G – Specifications.

Honda Activa 4G Honda Activa 3G
Engine Displacement 109 cc 109 cc
Power 8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm 8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 8.83 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Can I buy Activa 3G in 2021?

Honda has discontinued the Activa 3G and the bike is out of production.

Is Activa 3G a bs3?

Here’s a list of all the motorcycles that you can buy real cheap only till March 31. 1. Honda is offering cash back offer of Rs 22,000 on its BS-III scooters and motorcycles models Activa 3G (priced Rs 50,290), Dream Yuga (Rs 51,741), CB Shine (Rs 55,799 to Rs 61,283) and CD 110DX (Rs 47,202 to Rs 47,494).

What is the model of Activa 3G?

Activa 3G Price

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
Activa 3G STD60 Kmpl, 109.19 ccDISCONTINUED Rs.48,503 Compare

How can I increase my Activa 3G speed?

Change the ride. walk 5 Km with activa after each 10 Km run… 0 ki speed te chalao petrol kabhi v khatam nahi hoyega …….

  1. Try to maintain a constant speed(40).
  2. Do not apply break frequently. Apply break slowly.
  3. Regular wash your vehicles.

What is the maximum speed of Activa?

93.84 kmph
Honda Activa 125 has a top speed of 93.84 kmph.

Which is best Activa 3G or 4G?

Compare the Honda Activa 3G Vs Honda Activa 4G on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which bike to buy in 2021….Activa 3G Vs Activa 4G – Which model is Cheapest?

Summary Honda Activa 3G Honda Activa 4G
Mileage 52.00 Km/l 52.00 Km/l
Power 8.00 bhp 8.00 bhp
Engine 109.2 CC 109.2 CC

Which is best Activa model?

If you are looking for a reliable 110cc scooter with definitive looks and impressive pickup, you should go for the Honda Activa 6G. It is recommended to get the DLX variant with the LED for the extra oomph.

Can I buy Activa 3G now?

Honda Activa 3G is now discontinued in India.

When was Activa 3G discontinued?

Honda has discontinued the Activa 3G [2015-2017] and the car is out of production.

What are the dimensions of a Honda Activa 3G?

Honda Activa 3g Body Dimensions. The width of Honda Activa 3G is 710 mm. The width is wider if compared to other gearless scooters on the road. The height of Activa 3G is 1149mm. The height of the seat is 765 mm to give you a comfortable ride on the Activa 3G. Kerb weight, weight without baggage or riders, is 108 kg.

Which is better Activa 3G or Activa 4G?

What comes as a great fact is that, the new engine is BS-IV compliant. Activa 3G surpasses the all-new Activa 4G in terms of mileage, with a staggering mileage of 61 kmpl, the vehicle is fit for an economical travel endeavour.

What kind of engine does Honda Activa have?

Honda Activa flaunts 109.2 cc cylinder capacity for its engine. The 4-stroke SI engine has air cooling system that adds to the beauty of this engine. The maximum net power of the engine is 5.83kW (8BHP) at 7500 revolutions per minute. The maximum net torque of the engine is 8.83 Nm at 5500 revolutions per minute.

Is the Honda Activa gearless scooter easy to drive?

The gearless scooter is easy to drive and it comes with easy balance. All new Honda Activa have seen major changes like button start, improved and powerful new HET engine and much more. The dynamic body design is going to leave you with “Activah!”. The simple design has been made to target the matured buyers and riders.