Is Bridgestone Arena at full capacity?

Is Bridgestone Arena at full capacity?

17,159 people
The arena’s full capacity is 17,159 people. The change will be made in accordance with the city’s updated guidelines, beginning May 14. Click here for a list of all events scheduled at the arena. Capacity will be increased for upcoming Nashville Predators games as well, but it won’t be full capacity.

How many people does Bridgestone Arena allow?

Seating Capacity is approximately 20,000 for concerts, 18,500 for basketball and 17,500 for ice hockey. 72 luxury suites are located in the Arena. There are four levels of seating at the Arena.

How many fans does Nashville hockey have?

The Predators announced the update Tuesday, saying the NHL approved the capacity increase. A little more than 14,000 fans will now be allowed inside the arena.

Does Bridgestone Arena have a roof?

The exterior of Bridgestone Arena has an exclusive look. From the unique roof to the eye catching tower located off of Broadway. The entrance off Broadway also features a bank of windows.

What capacity is Bridgestone at?

Capacity for a hockey game at Bridgestone Arena is 17,159. The series is tied 2-2.

Are NHL games full capacity?

The NHL expects to have all but two arenas operating at full capacity this season. The exceptions are Vancouver’s Rogers Arena (50 per cent capacity) and Montreal’s Bell Centre (33 per cent).

What is the capacity of Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Arena/Capacity

How many fans are at the Nashville Predators game?

More than 12,000 fans can attend Predators’ playoff home games.

How many fans do the Nashville Predators have?

The Nashville Predators have gotten the green light from the Nashville Metro Public Health Department and the National Hockey League to increase fan attendance at Bridgestone Arena to 12,135 people — roughly 70 percent capacity — for the team’s home playoff games against the Carolina Hurricanes.

How much does it cost to rent Bridgestone Arena?

Two rental options are available: Option 1 (non-game day): $500/hour of ice time or minimum 50 group ticket purchase to a future game and $500 waived.

Is the Bridgestone Arena indoors?

Seating up to 19,395 guests, the Bridgestone Arena is a multipurpose indoor entertainment venue. The home arena for the NHL’s Nashville Predators, the stadium hosts concerts, religious gatherings and sporting events like basketball, indoor football and professional wrestling.

How big is the seating capacity at Bridgestone Arena?

Seating capacity is approximately 20,000 for concerts, 19,395 for basketball and 17,113 for Nashville Predators games.

When did the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville open?

Bridgestone Arena opened in December 1996 and has hosted more than 13 million guests. It is Nashville’s number one venue for large-scale musical productions, as well as one of the nation’s most highly-acclaimed entertainment and sports venues.

When did Bridgestone Arena become the Gaylord Entertainment Center?

The Bridgestone Arena was nominated for the 2007 Pollstar Concert Industry Venue of the Year Award. This is the fourth time the venue has been nominated. The first was in 1998 as the Nashville Arena, and then in 1999 and 2000 as the Gaylord Entertainment Center. In 2017 it was named loudest arena in sports.

Where are the Predators benches at Bridgestone Arena?

The Nashville Predators Home Team bench is at the front of sections 116-117, whereas the Visitors Bench is at the front of sections 114-115. The home team side shoots twice (double attack) towards sections 110-111. The Lexus Lounge is located behind sections 101, 120 on the event level.