Is Hines Drive open today?

Is Hines Drive open today?

Hines Drive is now open between Stark and Newburgh but is currently still closed between Ann Arbor Trail and Outer Drive due to flooding. Stay current with what’s happening in Wayne County, MI. We house 43 unique communities including the… Where Fit Happens!

Is Hines Park free?

Wayne County Parks’ Hines Drive is a 17 mile thoroughfare that offers FREE recreational activities in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Redford, Livonia, Westland, Plymouth and Northville.

How long is Hines Park bike trail?

roughly 15 miles
As a part of Hines Drive, the park connects with roughly 15 miles of paved pathway that can be used by cyclists and pedestrians to travel between Dearborn Heights and Northville. The recreational area also has a variety of other trails, mostly unpaved, that can be specifically enjoyed by mountain bicyclists.

What time does Hines Park lights close?

The Lightfest will be open Wednesday – Sunday starting Wednesday, November 25, 2020 through December 31, 2020 (closed December 25). The hours for the Lightfest are Wednesday – Friday from 7:00 PM – 10:00PM and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Saturday/Sunday.

Who is Hines Drive named after?

(1870-1938) Widely recognized as one of the great innovators in highway development, Hines was a charter member of the Wayne County Road Commission in 1906 and was its chairman for most of the ensuing 32 years of his life.

How much is Hines Park Lightfest?

The fees for the Lightfest are $5 cash per car. There are additional fees for commercial vehicles (see below). The entrance to the Lightfest is 7651 N. Merriman Road, which is on Merriman between Ann Arbor Trail and Warren Avenue in Westland, 2 1/2 miles south of I-96.

How much is Hines Park lightshow?

The trail features five miles of lights and decorations through Hines Park, from Merriman Hollow Park in Westland to Warrendale Park in Dearborn Heights. See the Lightfest from 7-10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6-10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $5 per vehicle, cash only.

Where does Edward Hines Drive start and end?

Cruise through the western suburbs of Detroit along beautiful Hines Drive, a 17-mile long road that follows the path of the Rouge River from Dearborn to Northville.

What river runs through Hines?

About this Bridge: Edward N. Hines Drive follows a pleasantly wooded parkway along the Rouge River. Just before it reaches Plymouth, it crosses over Ann Arbor Road (Old M-14).

How much are the Hines lights?

The display is closed Christmas Day. Cars can enter at Merriman Road north of Warren Road in Westland. The cost is $5 per car.

Where are the Christmas lights in metro Detroit?

7 Metro Detroit Christmas Light Displays You Must See

  • Big, Bright, Light Show – Rochester.
  • Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village – Dearborn.
  • Detroit Zoo Wild Lights – Royal Oak.
  • Nite Lights – Jackson.
  • Meadowbrook Holiday Walk – Rochester.
  • Wayne County LightFest – Westland.
  • Christmas at Cross Roads Holiday Magic – Flint.

Who is en Hines?

Hines was a national leader in the concept of landscaping highway rights-of-way. He was instrumental in movements to beautify highways by eliminating power lines and billboards.

Why is Hines Park in Westland MI so popular?

Hines Drive is a seemingly never ending road of beautiful nature, baseball, playgrounds, trails, ponds, picnic shelters and more! Specificaly Cass-Benton is super popular for two reasons: cross country and disc golf. During the summer months the area is flooded with groups throwing frisbees around, people biking, walking and running.

What to do in Hines Park in Detroit?

If you choose to drive, some areas have a parking alongside playgrounds, softball fields, golfing, gardens, and picnic area. Hines Park is the the great connector for numerous smaller parks. As with much of Michigan, the roads could be better maintained, but this green oasis is a gift to the greater Detroit metro area.

What are the recreation areas at Hines Park?

It seems like every half a mile there’s a different recreation area. Meads Mill, Cass-Benton, Bennet Arboretum.. they just keep coming! Hines Drive is a seemingly never ending road of beautiful nature, baseball, playgrounds, trails, ponds, picnic shelters and more!

Is there a light show at Hines Park?

Hines park is perfect if your a bike rider and looking to get some exercise in. It may not seem like it, but it’s very hilly…at least to a bike rider lol, so there’s all levels of incline to get that burn in. Hines park is also home of the Wayne county light show, which comes every Christmas season.