Is Kilunda of Tahidi high alive?

Is Kilunda of Tahidi high alive?

Kilunda is now a businessman who owns a salon and barbershop as well as farming in Kangundo, Machakos County. He has employed a few people to help him in running his businesses. Despite having a home in Nairobi where his wife and children leave, he insists that he is more comfortable living in Kangundo.

Who is Miss Morgan of Tahidi high?

Former Tahidi High actress Angela Waruinge popularly known as Miss Morgan has expressed disappointment at actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh, for asking Kenyans for help again, months after they came to his rescue.

Where is shish of Tahidi high?

Tahidi High star Shirleen Wangari popularly known as Shish has landed a new role in South Africa as she is set to star in a post-apocalyptic movie. The actress is also set to produce the movie, Guatha which is a slang word meaning ‘far away’ and is set to be shot in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

Who is Miss Morgan?

Actress Angel Waruinge, aka Miss Morgan, has opened up on life as a single mother after a prolonged legal battle with her baby daddy. Miss Morgan, who made her name in the TV show Taahidi High, is a single mother to an eight-year-old girl who has been an inspiration to her life.

Is Miss Morgan married?

Actress Miss Morgan Says She is not Married but in Love: “Jesus is the Lucky Guy” Tahidi High’s actress Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan has disclosed she is not married but is in love with Jesus Christ. The actress also disclosed that she is a single mother of an amazing eight-year-old daughter called Imani.

Who is the wife to Omosh of Tahidi high?

Omosh’s first wife Mrs Ngatia. Photo: Hiram Kamuhunjia. Omosh and Mrs Ngatia were part of the celebrated Tahidi High actors and featured on the show for over 10 years before it stopped airing in 2020. The thespian’s story was first shared on February 12 this year by YouTuber Hiram Kamuhunjia.

Who is Omosh first wife?

In a recent interview, Omosh said he owns two plots of land (in Ndenderu and Thika) and that he gave them to the first wife, Ngatia.

Is Mrs Ngatia Omosh wife?

ke’s Patreon programme. Former Tahidi High actor Omosh’s wife, Mrs Ngatia, real name Judy Wacuka has revealed that they have not been together for 10 years. Mrs Ngatia said Omosh neglected her and her kids since marrying a second wife.