Is Kool fever safe for babies?

Is Kool fever safe for babies?

KOOLFEVER Baby absorbs and disperses heat effectively and can be used when your baby becomes feverish. Perfectly sized, it attaches firmly to your baby’s forehead and will not displace at the slightest movement.

How long does Kool fever last?

KOOLFEVER Adult absorbs and disperses heat effectively. It can be used immediately when any of your family members becomes feverish. The sheet is perfectly sized to fit an adult’s forehead and will not be displaced even if he or she turns in bed. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 8 hours per sheet.

Where should I put my baby’s cool fever?

KOOLFEVER for Body absorbs and disperses heat effectively. Simply apply the small palmed- sized patch on the neck, wrists, underarms, inner thighs, ankles or any narrow parts of the body where the major arteries are found.

Can Kool fever be reused?

It is reusable simpy by chilling in freezer again. The Cooling effect will last for about 4- 6 hours (depending on room temperature and usage environment).

Is Kool fever good for kids?

KOOLFEVER Child is ready to use when your child has sudden fever. Each sheet absorbs and disperses heat effectively to lower your child’s temperature. Its size is perfectly fitted to child’s forehead and will not detach easily when your child moves in bed.

How do you give a baby Kool fever?

Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel-cooling surface to forehead or desired body part. Apply KOOLFEVER for only once for efficacy and hygiene purpose. The moisture contained in the gel absorbs and releases heat so that specified cooling effects are obtained (gel is water-soluble polymer based)

Is Cool fever effective?

Of all these solutions, using cooling patches is one of the most effective methods of lowering your child’s body temperature. Cooling patches also provide other benefits that make them a great solution for reducing fever, especially in children.

When should you remove Cool fever?

Does Cool fever need to be refrigerated?

Recommend to put in refrigerator and avoid direct sunlight. Each sheet can be used once only. It is not a pharmaceutical product.

Where should I keep my cool fever?

Store in a cool place is preferable. Using them refrigerated achieves still further cooling effect (do not store in freezer). KOOLFEVER containsno drug and no medicine, thus if fever persist after apply KOOLFEVER, visit a doctor.

Can I put Cool fever in fridge?

KOOLFEVER EXTRACOOL is ready to use anytime and anywhere to cool off from heat with Super-Strong cooling effect. Chill the cooling gel sheets in refrigerator for a better cooling sensation.

Is Kool fever effective for fever?

KOOLFEVER is designed with this in mind, providing quick and effective relief from fevers that enhances their well-being, as well as eases the concerns of anxious parents.

When to use Kool fever on Your Baby?

Kool Fever helps to reduce, relieve fever in a natural way and can be applied to your baby. It can be readily used when your baby has feverish symptoms. Koolfever safely and gently adheres to the baby’s forehead so it stays in place even when the baby turns his/her head and it has the size that fits to the baby’s forehead. ›See more product details

What makes koolfever the best product for babies?

KOOLFEVER for babies is designed to achieve an optimum temperature for the baby so that the sheet will not cool the baby’s skin too much. Also, the product does not contain any skin irritants such as coloring or perfume. Furthermore, the size of the sheet is designed to be an exact fit for babies’ foreheads.

How long does koolfever cooling gel last on Baby?

Perfectly sized, it attaches firmly to your baby’s forehead and will not displace at the slightest movement. The cooling gel in each sheet does not contain fragrance or colouring is gentle to baby’s skin. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 4 hours per sheet. How to apply.

When to use be Koool fever gel sheets?

Since BE KOOOL gel sheets are non-medicated, they are safe to use with medication. Whenever you feel the need for cooling relief. Adheres and removes easily and painlessly. Perfect for fidgety kids! New (3) from $14.97 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon.