Is Palau good for diving?

Is Palau good for diving?

Palau has a lot of healthy hard coral and a good amount of wall diving. A typical day of diving in Palau usually involves up to 5 dives a day including a night dive on liveaboards and 2 to 3 dives per day if you stay at a dive resort.

How much does it cost to dive in Palau?

Dive Tours

Description Minimum Pax Requirement Rate
Full Day Diving (2 tanks) None $165
Peleliu Diving (2 tanks) (Advanced divers only) 6 pax $200
Peleliu Diving (3 tanks)* (Advanced divers only) 6 pax $235
Add On: Half Day Peleliu Land Tour (Can only be booked with Peleliu 2-tank dive day) 6 pax $105

Are there sharks in Palau?

Over 350 different types of sharks live all over the world and almost all tropical species of sharks are found in Palau. Species most often seen in Palau are gray reef sharks, blacktips and whitetips. Some sharks eat only one kind of animal while others are not as choosy. Most sharks are nocturnal.

Are there great white sharks in Palau?

Palau is one of the remaining safe havens for sharks, due to the strong environmental commitments made when it became an independent nation in 1994.

How do you dive in Palau?

Palau can be dived year-round but the best time is during the dry season from October- May. Water temperature is usually warm at a range of 81-86°F (27-30°C) and a 3mm wetsuit will suffice all year. Unusually for a destination with nutrient-rich water and current, the visibility often seems endless and can reach 50m.

Why are flights to Palau so expensive?

The currency in Palau is the US dollar. As such, it is more expensive compared with southeast Asia for accommodation, activities and food. There is a Green Fee (30USD) and a Departure Fee (20USD foreigners, 10USD locals) to be paid at the airport upon departure.

What types of sharks are in Palau?

Some of the more likely sightings in Palau include grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and leopard sharks. As the name suggests, grey reef sharks live on coral reefs. Due to their small size (around 2 meters), grey reef sharks are very agile and fast-swimmers, which makes them great hunters.

Why did Palau become a shark sanctuary?

Because of their long life spans and low fertility rates, sharks are vulnerable to overfishing. Within its EEZ, a nation may regulate fisheries and scientific research and develop other economic efforts.

Why did Palau set up a shark sanctuary?