Is SKD tactical legit?

Is SKD tactical legit?

Conclusion. To conclude, it’s worth to say that SKD Tactical acts like a professional in the firearms industry. They provide full specter services along with the wide choice of products for any purpose and taste.

Where is SKD tactical located?

Pacific, MO
Company Description: Skd Tactical, LLC is located in Pacific, MO, United States and is part of the Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing Industry.

How long does SKD tactical take to ship?

Most packages ship via USPS Priority Mail for an average delivery time of 2-3 days; heavier packages over 6 lbs may ship via UPS Ground, and lighter packages in areas where delivery times are equal to USPS Priority Mail may ship via USPS First Class Mail.

Are pig gloves fire resistant?

The PIG FDT Delta+ Glove features include: Premium Goatskin all-leather palm. These high dexterity gloves feature construction entirely from flame resistant materials.

What should a plate carrier cover?

The plate carrier should cover your vital organs sufficiently while giving you enough room for comfort. The front plate pocket should sit at the width of two of your fingers below your collarbone. You can adjust the two shoulder straps to bring the rear plate pocket in line with the one in the front.

Are Viktos gloves good?

The Wartorn Gloves from Viktos are at home in any hard use situation. They are great for shooting but more than that they are perfect for training. They are rugged and designed to take punishment. So, if your kind of training involves these aspects then a pair of Viktos Wartorn gloves might be what your hands need.

Where should you wear a plate carrier?

Ideally, you want your plate carrier to allow for mobility. The top of your plate should sit one to one and a half inches below the V in your neck and on top of your sternum that meets the collarbone. The bottom of the plate should also be above your belly button.

Is a plate carrier bulletproof?

Keep in mind that carrier plates by themselves can never be categorized in any protection level unless they have ballistic plates in them. They are not bullet resistant.

What does VIKTOS mean?

The name VIKTOS is a derivative of the Latin word Invictus meaning ‘unconquered’. The conventional spelling of VIKTØS includes the Norwegian Ø character, from which forms the basis for our trademarked logo of ‘shield crossed with sword. ‘

Where are VIKTOS shoes made?

Where are your products made? VIKTOS is a USA based company, comprised of a small group of dedicated individuals, many of whom are veterans. Our business operations are based in our Wisconsin headquarters. We manufacture the majority of our products in Asia.

How low should plate carrier be?

The bottom of your armor plate should be approximately one to three inches above your belly button, depending on your height and torso size.

What should be on a plate carrier?

Standard items that should be on your Plate Carrier:

  • -Level IIA or IIIA soft armor (IIA stops up to . 45 / IIIA stops .
  • -Level III or Level IV Ballistic Plates (III stops rifle -556 & 7.62 -.
  • -More plates equal more protection but equals more weight.
  • -Less plates equal mobility, speed and comfort.