Is Sycamore good for guitars?

Is Sycamore good for guitars?

As a tonewood, it is moderately easy to work with and produces a striking guitar. Rick Davis of Running Dog guitars says:”In density, stiffness and hardness, P. occidentalis is closer to mahogany than to the maples. It can be as soft as cardboard, floppy and generally a terrible wood for anything other than pulp.

Is Ziricote wood good for guitars?

Ziricote wood has a medium to fine texture and a straight to slightly interlocking grain. Tone Qualities: Well known as a tonewood, Ziricote is highly esteemed for instrument making. Many Luthiers repeatedly comment that Ziricote provides and experience identical to the finest rosewood.

Is a basswood guitar good?

Affordable and abundant, basswood is particularly associated with mid-level or budget guitars. But basswood is a good tonewood by any standards, and it has been used by many high-end makers with excellent results. It is a very light and fairly soft wood, and it’s light in color, too, with minimal grain.

Is Sycamore a hard or soft wood?

However, because Sycamore is classified as a moderate hardness hardwood, it rarely found in the production of hardwood flooring. When sycamore logs are quartersawn they are also an excellent choice for high-quality veneers and paneling due to its high degree of fleck.

Is Sycamore a heavy wood?

Sycamore has a close texture and interlocking grain. Moderately heavy, moderately hard, moderate strength, stiffness, and shock resistance. The wood is difficult to season and moderate to large shrinkage occurs in drying.

Is Adirondack better than Sitka?

Adirondack Spruce It is the king of spruces. Prior to World War II, it was the soundboard tonewood of choice for Martin and other makers. It’s a relatively heavy and stiff wood, having strong fundamentals, but a greater overtone content than Sitka, and it tends to be the loudest and liveliest of spruces as well.

What is ziricote wood used for?

Ziricote wood is dark brown in color and has a Janka hardness of 8.8 kN (1,970 lbf). It is used for furniture, veneer, cabinetry, flooring, gun stocks, musical instruments (including guitars and ukuleles), entrance doors, turnings, decorative beams, trim, and small specialty items.

What is ziricote wood guitar?

Ziricote is a beautiful tonewood, and has very good acoustic qualities. It is denser than Indian rosewood, and has quite low damping, so it is often thought to be closer to Brazilian rosewood than Indian. Unfortunately it is also similar to Brazilian in that it is prone to cracking.

Are basswood guitars heavy?

There is however one undeniable fact about a basswood-bodied guitar that most people gloss over: It’s weighted very well. The one complaint you never hear about basswood is “it’s too heavy” or “it’s too light” concerning its weight when playing a basswood-bodied guitar sitting or standing.

Where can I get fine tone guitar wood?

Oregon Wild Wood is the luthiers source for fine tone wood from the Pacific NW. The tonewoods we offer is sourced in ecologically friendly ways including forest and urban salvage, commercial fruit and nut grove salvage, recycling and re-purposing.

How does tonewood affect the sound of a guitar?

Sound is a wave form – the wave vibrations will arrange the sap so that they are most ideally transmitted. So, the more you play your tonewood instrument the sap will be distributed to it’s ideal position within the guitar wood – following the sound wave – and the better your guitar will sound.

Where does the best guitar wood come from?

Some of the finest tonewood comes from the US Pacific NW and our guitar wood is hand-selected to be highly resonant, beautifully colored and figured – to look and sound it’s best! Click on the photos below to see over 2,500 of the finest guitar wood sets currently available.

Where does the sap go on a tonewood guitar?

So, the more you play your tonewood instrument the sap will be distributed to it’s ideal position within the guitar wood – following the sound wave – and the better your guitar will sound. As a final thought about sap – don’t store your guitar in a case.