Is there a Megalodon in bf4?

Is there a Megalodon in bf4?

Yes, we’ll need a bigger boat. Soon after the release of Battlefield 4, gamers got it in their heads that there was a Megalodon somewhere on the Paracel Storm map. It turns out there is a pretty cool Easter egg on the Rogue Transmission map, but it’s not something found in the water.

Are there sharks in Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 players have found the giant shark.

What map is the Megalodon on in BF4?

Four months after rumors of a giant prehistoric shark easter egg hidden in “Battlefield 4” set off a community-wide hunt on the Paracel Storm map, YouTube game commentator Jackfrags and several “BF4” players have finally found the Megalodon.

Where is Paracel Storm located?

Paracel Storm is one of ten original Multiplayer Maps in Battlefield 4. It is set on the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

How do you summon a megalodon?

Sea of Thieves – The Hungering Deep Guide: How To Summon The Megalodon

  1. Speak to the Bilge Rat crew member in any tavern.
  2. Head to Shark Bait Cove and speak to Merrick.
  3. Find Merrick’s first journal in the center of Shark Bait Cove.
  4. Optional: Head to Golden Sands Outpost and speak to the barkeeper, Tina.

Is there a megalodon Easter egg in Battlefield 4?

MEGALODON FOUND! Battlefield 4 Giant Shark Easter Egg! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Where do you shoot the Megalodon in BF4?

Using a sniper rifle, aim towards the North close to the next island in the water and you’ll see a bright light, similar to a sniper scope glint. Shoot it and wait for the Megalodon to appear.

When does the Megalodon appear in the camo?

So, after the UFO dives in the watter, a few seconds latter, the megalodon will appear jumping, like it does in the Nansha Strike map. It’s done, when the match ends, you can leave, and when you enter any server again, the camo will be there, Congrats!

How do you get the Levolution in BF4?

So here it goes, for those who didn’t have unlocked them already: First, join a Paracell Storm conquest map, and get hit by the lightning in the wind turbine. To trigger the levolution very fast, cap all the objetives, and then wait on the wind turbine.