Is uniball an Indian company?

Is uniball an Indian company?

Since 1887, Mitsubishi Pencil Co. All the uniball products are manufactured by MITSUBISHI PENCIL CO., Shingawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Can uniball air micro be refilled?

It is actually possible to refill this pen, as it actually has a cartridge for the ink!

Is uniball air good?

Overall a good pen and definitely the best roller ball pen I used. It slides properly on paper, dries fast, water-proof etc. I got 4 pen set for 240 INR.

Is uniball eye a good pen?

it’s good piece of pen. I really like the colour of the ink of this blue pen particularaly. The writing speed is very good. its smooth.

When was uniball founded?

April 17, 1925
Mitsubishi Pencil/Founded

What is the cost of uniball pen?

The most expensive product is Uniball Eye(pack of 12) Roller Ball Pen (Blue) priced at Rs. 699. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is Uniball Jetstream (Pack of 5 pcs) Roller Ball Pen (Blue) available at Rs. 200.

Which ink is used in uniball air?

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This item Uniball Air Micro Pen -(Blue Ink,Pack of 5) Uniball UBA 188 ELM Air Micro Roller Ball Pen (0.5mm, White Body, Blue Ink, Pack of 6)
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How long does uniball last?

Replacing steel unis once a year doesnt sound too far off, stainless steel might last 2-3 years. Icon ucas have a cap for the uniballs that will keep crap off the top of the uni where most wear occurs. Those might last quite a while. They are pretty damn expensive though.

What is uniball air?

The Uni-ball Air is a rollerball pen with a unique “cushion-tip” writing tip that leads to a smooth flow and a great overall rollerball pen. This is a disposable pen meaning there is no ink cartridge and the pen is not designed to be refilled.

Is uniball air waterproof?

This is the Uniball Air rollerball pen from Japan. The rollerball is smooth on the paper and it uses the Uniball Super Ink which is pigmented. It’s actually liquid ink inside the barrel. The ink dries fast and becomes waterproof.

How do uniball eye pens work?

It’s a slim pen with matt surface cap and end. You judge the colour of the pen by the cap. When you uncap, you get to see the transparent ink feed system which is cool. The body has a see through section that allows you to see how much ink is left.

Is uniball eye waterproof?

Within the Uniball Vision product lines, there are many other models. These pens are filled with Uni Super Ink, a pigment based ink that’s archival, fade-proof and waterproof. Hence, these pens are great for use with water-based media such as watercolour, and even markers. The pens look quite good too.