Styling Tips For Women: Dressing For Your Body Type

When it comes to looking good, it’s important to know how to dress for your specific figure. While there is definitely truth to the idea that everyone should be able to wear anything they want if you want to flaunt the stuff you’ve got while doing your best to wear flattering outfits, here are some ideas to help you dress for your body type:

Learn how to wear the right shoes

When it comes to picking out shoes for your outfits, it’s a good idea to pick the styles that help to accentuate the positive and perhaps trick the eye into seeing things a bit differently. For example, if you’re on the shorter side with thick legs, wearing a pair of pointed pink flats will help to give the illusion of longer legs, whereas a rounded pair of flats may do the opposite.

If you’re taller and want to do what you can to stay at a more “average” height, avoid heels and wear flats to help you appear shorter. There are benefits to using shoes to create an illusion.


Wear jeans that look good on you

For women with slimmer waists and thicker thighs and backsides, this is where high-waisted pants can shine on you. They help bring any gaze towards the slim waist while accentuating “what your mama gave you.”

For those who are slimmer and maybe also have the advantage of being taller, boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans are the perfect looks for your body type, allowing you to showcase what you’ve got. Learn your favorite denim brand so you can always find the jeans that look great!


Know the dresses that flatter your body

While we don’t always think about the dress styles that flatter our bodies, the reality is that there are a number of ways to use various fits to accentuate what we’ve got. If you’re someone of a shorter build, you may find that longer maxi dresses make you feel like you’re drowning in material and don’t do much for your figure. Instead, a shorter cut can show off your legs and give an illusion of more height.

Going too short for taller women could make you feel uncomfortable, but you want to show off your legs simultaneously. A mid-length dress could be perfect to flatter your figure. If you have a great waist, cut-out dresses can help bring the eyes to your midsection, making for a flattering cut. Check out a fashion app that lets you get an idea of how a dress could look on your body so that you’re making the best choice when shopping.


Wear the right fit for you

When it comes to your outfits, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing the right fit for your body type. Wearing slacks that are slightly too big on your petite frame will only make you look smaller, and if that’s not the look you’re going for, you may feel like you’re drowning in a sea of material. For those with a larger upper body and a smaller waist, tight pants with a tight shirt may draw attention to the areas you don’t want to showcase.

Instead, learn how to get the right fit for your body type. You may need a personal stylist to help you understand your size and how to dress to accentuate the positive while creating an illusion to hide the parts you don’t want to flaunt.

In Conclusion

From working with a personal stylist to knowing what fits you should be wearing, to learning how to dress to accentuate your figure, dressing well may take time. But once you do, you can show up more confidently, no matter what!