Tips on Sharing Engaging, Killer Content on Instagram

When it launched in October 2010, Instagram was merely a social media platform where users uploaded pictures and stories to keep their followers updated about their daily lives. Fast forward to 2023, Instagram has evolved into a top-tier photo and video-sharing platform that is home to millions of personal and professional accounts.

Almost every major company has an official account on Instagram, using which they market their products and services, make announcements, etc. Moreover, many influencers use their massive following on the platform to earn a living. To do so, they post engaging content on their accounts to acquire maximum reach and engagement.

Although it may seem easy, sharing engaging content on Instagram is challenging. Fortunately, there are effective tips following which Instagrammers can upload engaging content on the platform. Here are some of them:


Plan Your Content


Any individual who wishes to make their Instagram account boom in terms of reach and engagement must post consistently. However, consistency is useless if the individual’s posts are not appealing to the audience. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to share engaging content on Instagram is to carefully plan and design posts, videos, reels, stories, etc., at least a week in advance.

When planning their content, individuals should start by putting all their ideas and thoughts in a single place, such as a notebook or note-taking app. Then, they should circle in on the ideas which they can develop and create resonating content out of.

Once ideas that seem logical and worthy enough to be turned into content have been found, individuals can start turning them into the appropriate form. Planning and creating content at least a week in advance is a good way to ensure it is engaging.


Ensure the Content Has the Right Dimensions


Instagram allows users to post different forms of content, such as reels, posts, stories, IGTV videos, etc. However, it does not automatically adjust the content to the best possible fit to the frame. Therefore, users need to optimize the size of the content before posting them. To do so, it is essential to know about Instagram proportions or dimensions.

Instagram dimensions contain two concepts, namely the aspect ratio, and size. The former refers to the height and width of the content represented using digits, whereas the size relates to the total amount of pixels, i.e., the resolution. Both these things are important for ensuring the content you post is of the optimal length and width.

For example, the best Instagram story dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels. To ensure the story you post matches the aforementioned figure, you can use photo editors to adjust its size, remove unwanted objects, shoot portrait photos and videos, etc.


Do Not Compromise on Quality


One of the main reasons why Instagram is the perfect outlet for creators to showcase their content is because it supports high-quality videos and pictures. For starters, the platform allows users to upload full HD images and videos. Therefore, every creator on the platform should try utilizing the platform’s features and upload content of excellent quality.

The more appealing a post looks, the more successful it will be in captivating the minds of the audience and compelling them to interact with the post, i.e., like it, comment on it, follow the account that posted it, or even make a purchase of the service offered or the product showcased. Hence, creators are advised not to compromise on the quality of the content they wish to post on their official Instagram accounts.


Use Catchy Captions


One of the first things any user on Instagram notices is the caption of the content posted on the platform. Therefore, every creator is advised to pay special attention to the caption when uploading a story, image post, reel, or IGTV video. The more creative a caption is, the better the chances of the post creating waves among the target audience.

There are numerous things that creators should keep in mind when writing the post’s caption. For starters, they should ensure that the caption resonates with the post’s content. Besides this, they should appropriate emojis to enhance the caption’s appeal. Moreover, they should not make it too long if not necessarily required.


Post All Supported Forms of Content


Instagram allows creators to upload different types of content, such as image posts, videos, reels, stories, etc. Although creators can post whatever form of content they want, it is advised that they post all types of content to enhance their growth online.

For example, although reels rake in massive engagement, creators should not only post reels, since doing so might make their feed look monotonous or not sit well with a specific part of their audience. Besides reels, they should upload stories, images, videos, etc. Doing so will add versatility to their feed and attract more followers.

Any Instagrammer who wishes to share engaging, killer content on Instagram should follow the tips mentioned above.