7 Effective Hacks to Gain Your Instagram Engagement Rate in 2023

With the number of worldwide users ever increasing on a regular basis, social media has become a significant outlet for brands and businesses to carry out their marketing plans online. Social media marketing is essential for becoming successful for each and every company be it a large corporation or a small thrift store.

Engagement rate is one of the biggest factors for each and every company that becomes successful. Having a high engagement rate is necessary as it implies that your audience is happy with your work and that potential customers should try to engage with you to be as satisfied as other customers.


The level of interaction your audience has with your social media posts is known as social media engagement. You can measure it over a certain length of time or per post, which is a crucial aspect of developing your online profile.


In either case, it enables you to comprehend how much and how well individuals react to your material. One of the most common activities on social media platforms is social media interaction; examples include likes, comments, shares, retweets, saves, reposts, etc.

When readers interact with your material, they inform the algorithm that it should show your posts to more users.


That is why it is essential for a business to focus on increasing its engagement rate as it is one of the main factors in establishing its brand as a potent option out in the market. Hence, we will provide you with 7 tips and tricks to increase your engagement rate in 2023;


  • Create original and engaging content.

Increase your image and video posting on social media if you want to increase engagement. It could include images, mp4 files, memes, animated GIFs, or even unique artwork.


You have countless options when it comes to creating images for social media.

Make some helpful points into infographics to showcase your most recent study findings or an article with fascinating facts. Whether it’s a blog article or a social media piece, it’s important to generate material that connects with your audience while also providing value.

  • Carefully analyse your profile metrics.

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. For tracking insights, the majority of social media sites include analytics tools. If not that, a variety of third-party marketing tools function as social media engagement calculators, assisting you in examining and calculating your engagements.


The first step to figuring out what’s working and what isn’t is to analyse your audience engagement across channels. The metrics you can check are likes, clicks on profile, views, comments, website clicks, etc. Keeping a check on these metrics can help you analyse your profile and focus on what your strengths and weaknesses are

  • Plan your overall goals ahead of time.

Having goals provides you with something to evaluate progress against, so having them is essential. The first stage in every marketing strategy is to identify the intended outcomes. Every little success and activity should be focused on accomplishing the predetermined objective. Setting goals can serve as a guide for the path that the brand should be taking.

But before you set objectives, you should do some research to make sure your plan can be implemented on the platform. Your social media marketing objectives might be aligned with the overarching objectives of the company.

  • Understand your clientele and demographic.

Understanding your brand’s target demographic is a crucial first step before you start distributing daily content. For instance, a company’s marketing strategy will fail miserably if it starts curating its advertisements and content for youngsters under the age of 10.

Therefore, in order to run a successful business, you must identify your target market and thoroughly understand it.

  • Humanise your brand.

Even from the businesses they adore and support, today’s consumers want to feel a part of something. Being human is a terrific way to establish a genuine connection with your audience.

Posts that are personalised are a good place to start. For instance, get more personal and showcase the team behind the brand.  This enables your consumers to comprehend the motivations and individuals behind the brand.

Use comedy and wit in your captions, blog posts, descriptions, etc. as an additional strategy. People particularly enjoy clever and innocent humour from their favourite brands.

  • Start scheduling your posts.

A quick but very easy hack is to start scheduling your posts ahead of time. Figure out the best time for your posts. You can do this by using the aforementioned hack where you analyse and understand your audience and demographics. For example, If you are a country in India and curating to a US-based audience, then you would want to follow their timezones.

  • Start Using Trending Hashtags.

While your content may already be seen by your followers, hashtags allow you to interact with those who aren’t currently fans. You increase the likelihood that people on social media will find your content by including relevant and popular hashtags in your postings.

Additionally, hashtags can be recycled, saving you the trouble of constantly inventing new ones.


In the age of the growing importance of social media, it is important to focus on your social media engagement. We hope with the above-mentioned 7 hacks, you can increase your engagement rate to become a successful online presence in no time.