What are some words for travel?

What are some words for travel?


  • journey,
  • peregrinate,
  • pilgrimage,
  • tour,
  • trek,
  • trip,
  • voyage.

What is tourism terminology?

Let us now discuss a few terms that are frequently used in the tourism industry. Attraction − It is a physical or cultural feature of a place that can satisfy tourists’ leisure based need. Destination − It is a place the tourist visits and stays there for at least 24 hours.

What are the four types of travel?

As you can see, there are many different types of travel, which can broadly be categorised as: leisure travel, corporate travel, specialist travel, visiting friends and relatives and day trips.

What is a word for someone who loves to travel?

Hodophile – the very word for travel lovers. A Hodophile is “One who loves to travel.”

How do you describe travel?

to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey: to travel for pleasure. to move or go from one place or point to another. to proceed or advance in any way.

What is the meaning of it Inerary?

1 : the route of a journey or tour or the proposed outline of one. 2 : a traveler’s guidebook. 3 : a travel diary.

What do you call a person that loves to travel?

What is the importance of tourism terminology?

Tourism Terminologies are the terms or words that are commonly used by people of tourism industry. This term help to identify work as well as to communicate with each other while on work.

What do you understand by tourism terminologies importance?

Answer: the person that guides and gives information to tourist about new place.

What types of traveling are there?

There are plenty of opportunities for business travelers to meet new people, get to know the culture and try out the amazing food.

  • Event Travel.
  • Weekend Travel.
  • Volunteer Travel.
  • Adventure Travel.
  • Romantic Travel.
  • Budget Travel.
  • Cruise Travel / Group Tour.
  • Private Tours / Travel Agency.

What are the different styles of travel?

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Travel Styles

  • Backpacker / Budget Traveler.
  • Luxury Traveler.
  • Group Tour / Cruise Traveler.
  • Private Tour / Travel Agent Traveler.
  • Adventure / Active Traveler.
  • Slow / Long Term Traveler.

Which is the best glossary of travel terms?

Globetrotter’s Glossary Of Travel Terms. 1 gallivant. If you prefer epicurean adventures over pilgrimages, gallivant may be your travel term of choice. This word means “to wander about, seeking 2 wanderlust. 3 wayfarer. 4 cosmopolitan. 5 sojourn.

Is it necessary to have term life travel insurance?

Term life travel insurance is essential life insurance for a period of time These plans may include optional coverages for an additional fee Plans of this type may be required by those who are relocating for a period of time or need to secure a financial transaction

When did the term ” travel ” come into English?

The term entered English in the mid-1400s as a combination of way meaning “a path or course leading from one place to another,” and fare, a verb meaning “to go; travel.”

Which is the best definition of leisure travel?

Leisure travel – Usually signifies traveling for relaxation, vacation, or to visit friends/family. Limited service hotel – A hotel without a restaurant on the premises. Lowest available fare – The most inexpensive flight currently available.