What are the 3 common mast types?

What are the 3 common mast types?

There are three common types: Single Stage (simplex mast) 2-Stage (duplex mast) 3-Stage (triplex mast)

What is a 3-stage mast on a forklift?

3-Stage – A three stage mast, or triplex, is the most versatile forklift mast and also the most popular. The outer rails allow for free lift, and the two inner sections can lift loads higher than a two stage. This mast type is a good choice for general warehouse applications.

What is a mast on a forklift?

The forklift’s mast, or upright, is the portion of the forklift that lifts, lowers, and positions the loads manipulated by the forks. Each type of mast presents its own set of advantages for different applications depending on their height and stacking requirements.

What is the average width of a forklift?

Standard forklifts generally measure between 4 to 7 ft wide and 8 to 10 ft long. Outdoor or rough terrain forklifts can be greater than 10 ft in length.

What is the height of a forklift mast?

Typical lift height is 240” MFH, with 83-88” OAHL. Note: The lifting capacity of the forklift decreases as its load is raised.

What height can a forklift lift?

Much like the reach forklift, the counterbalance forklift is used to reach tall, heavy loads, and thus can reach a lifting height of 8 metres.

How high is a 2 stage mast?

A typical two stage mast for a forklift with a capacity from 2,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. will have approximately 130″ of maximum lift and will be around 83-88″ Overall Height Lowered (OAHL). Two stage masts are very common in high capacity forklifts of 15,000 lbs. and up.

What is maximum fork height?

Maximum fork height is the distance from the ground to the lifting surface of the forks with the mast fully lifted. A common height is 188 inches or 15’8”. While many fork heights are available, this mast is about as high as you can have and still work in a typical semi-trailer.

What is a TL mast?

The new two-stage TL mast, commonly referred to as a “Truckers Mast,” is an option for the four-wheel Crown FC 5200 Series counterbalance forklifts and the pneumatic and cushion tire models of the Crown C-5 Series industrial forklifts.

What is mast height?

Mast Height = (Messenger Line Length ^2)^(1/2) – ((Beam/2)^2)^(1/2) If you feel like indulging your mind a bit further, you can now factor in the height of the mast above the shiv by using a wooden dowel. The dowel is attached to the halyard and tied in a a guesstimated height above the line.

How wide should a warehouse aisle be?

If you are designing a warehouse, it is crucial to know how large your aisles need to be. If you have narrow aisle trucks, the aisles should be 8-10 feet wide, and for very narrow aisle trucks they can be 6 feet or less.

How do you measure the width of a forklift aisle?

A good rule of thumb for determining the aisle requirement for a wide-aisle forklift is to measure the distance from the load backrest to the counterweight (a.k.a the headlength) . Then measure the length of the load. This might be a 48″ long pallet. Add to their sum an additional 12″ for mneuverability.

What is the standard height of a forklift?

Forklifts are rated depending on the amount of weight that they can lift. Forklifts will start at 3,000 pounds and can go as high as 30,000 pounds or more. The most common forklifts, however, come in 3,000, 5,000 and 8,000-pound capacities. Lift height capacities can range anywhere from 150 to 217 inches.

What is a quad mast forklift?

Forklift Quad Mast. The quad mast is complete with 4 sections that telescope within each other, with the outermost section mounting to the lift truck. These masts are usually also equipped with a center cylinder to enable the fork carriage to elevate a certain distance before the mast sections start extending.

What is 4 stage forklift?

4-Stage – A quad, or four stage mast is designed for very high stacking. Quad masts allow for a shorter collapsed height when compared to a three stage with equivalent MFH (maximum fork height).

What is a fork truck mast?

What is a Forklift Mast? The mast is the system in a forklift that performs load lifting. The mast consists of a fork and an elevation mechanism, associated with the lift truck’s hydraulic assembly. Two systems of classification have arisen to describe a forklift truck’s mast in detail.