What bursar means?

What bursar means?

: an officer (as of a monastery or college) in charge of funds : treasurer.

What is the role of bursar?

The bursar is responsible for billing of student tuition accounts. This responsibility involves sending bills and making payment plans; the ultimate goal is to bring all student accounts to a “paid off” status. Bursars’ duties vary from one institution to another.

Why is it called bursar?

A bursar is the head of a college’s financial office. You could also call the bursar the controller or the treasurer. The word comes from the Medieval Latin bursarius, “purse-bearer,” from bursa, or “purse.”

Is a bursar and accountant?

As nouns the difference between bursar and accountant is that bursar is the treasurer of a university, college or school while accountant is one who renders account; one accountable.

What is another term for bursar?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bursar, like: treasurer, controller, cashier, cashkeeper, paymaster, compensator, defrayer, recompenser, remunerator, headmaster and null.

How do you become a bursar?

The bursar is a management position, so you need to have several years of experience in the bursar’s office or a related office, such as at a bank or financial institution, where you can gain experience before taking on more managerial and supervisory duties.

What makes a good bursar?

Suggestions for necessary attributes a bursar must possess included optimism, resilience, general management, HR, legal knowledge, versatility and the ability to make quick decisions.

How can I be a good bursar?


  1. Proven work experience as a Bursar.
  2. Computer literacy (MS Excel in particular)
  3. Strong financial management skills.
  4. Knowledge of accounting procedures and best practices.
  5. Familiarity with budget preparation and cash flow management.
  6. Solid time management skills with an ability to prioritize work.

What is the role of an accountant in a school?

The School Accountant is responsible for Organizing Handbook, and administering payroll and pension related functions. Monitor income and expenditure in relation to the school’s budget, and produce monthly reports for the Directors, Headteacher and the Finance Committee.

What is another word for comptroller?

What is another word for comptroller?

accountant auditor
examiner reckoner
teller bean counter
cost accountant public accountant
certified public accountant treasurer

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Some common synonyms of ebb are abate, subside, and wane. While all these words mean “to die down in force or intensity,” ebb suggests the receding of something (such as the tide) that commonly comes and goes.

What does the name bursar mean?

Bursar (noun) a treasurer, or cash keeper; a purser; as, the bursar of a college, or of a monastery. Bursar (noun) a student to whom a stipend or bursary is paid for his complete or partial support

What is the plural of bursar?

bursar (plural bursars) The treasurer of a university, college or school. (Scotland, education) A student funded by a bursary.

What is a Bursar office?

The Bursar’s Office is the administrative office responsible for student billing and revenue collection.