What color is linen cabinets?

What color is linen cabinets?

The same can be said for the Painted Linen cabinet finish. It’s a sharp-white color that paints, no pun intended, a pretty classic picture. White is as neutral as it gets in terms of style. It’s no surprise that this finish would be a customer favorite.

Can you paint Timberlake cabinets?

You can choose from brushed, glazed, or painted finishes. They include Maple, Cherry, Oak, and white painted finishes. These options are possible only for Portfolio and Portfolio Select series because they are composed of hardwood doors.

Are Timberlake Cabinets real wood?

Our cabinets are built to order and to meet our own exacting standards. We source our own hardwoods and materials, and seasoned builders employ time-tested craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing to produce cabinetry as lasting as it is beautiful.

What are Timberlake cabinets made of?

Hardwoods include dense-structured maple, oak, birch, cherry, hickory, poplar, and ash.

Is linen white too yellow?

Will Linen White look YELLOW though? Yes, it has enough colourant in it that it will look yellowish, especially if you partner it up with a cool tone like blue, green or purple. Warm yellow undertones can lean slightly into orange – Linen White is warm.

What color is painted linen?

A crisp, clean, ivory color that can create an open, fresh space, and when styled with monochromatic tones, can feel very sophisticated.

How do you care for Timberlake cabinets?

Dust your cabinets periodically using a soft, slightly dampened, lint-free cloth….Wipe up spills immediately using a clean cloth and mild soaps.

  1. Prepare a cleaning solution using ½ oz. of soap with warm water.
  2. Apply with a lightly damp microfiber cloth.
  3. Wipe the cabinets thoroughly to dry.

Are Timberlake Cabinets expensive?

Generally, here’s what you can expect to pay for varying grades of kitchen cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets like Timberlake’s Portfolio and Portfolio Select lines tend to cost $150 to $750 per square foot, not including hardware and installation. If you have a 25-square-foot kitchen, budget $10,000 to $20,000.

Where are Timberlake Cabinets made?

The company, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, operates 15 manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as various service centers across the country.

What brand cabinets does Ryan Homes use?

Timberlake Cabinetry cabinets
We use Timberlake Cabinetry cabinets in our homes to ensure that our kitchen space is not only functional and reliable, but also a beautiful place for family and guests to enjoy!

What Colour is linen white?

First off, it’s a warm, beige white, yet (despite it’s hint of yellow undertones) doesn’t have a lot of yellow in it. In fact, you’d never confuse this color with a warm yellow. Due it’s creamy, warm undertones, this color works so beautifully with neutral palettes.

What is the LRV of linen white?

Linen white a creamy off white with just a hint of yellow/brown undertones. It doesn’t look stark white, and hides dirt pretty well. This is definitely the best selling off white paint color by Benjamin Moore. It has an LRV of 82.