What does nose in the butter mean?

What does nose in the butter mean?

Literally: to fall with his nose into the butter. The expression is used when you enter somewhere exactly on the right moment to have a certain benefit. For example, you enter your friend’s house exactly on the moment they put a pie on the table.

What does on the nose come from?

Note: The origin of this expression is in broadcasting. When a show was running on time, the producer put a finger on his or her nose to signal this fact to the performers.

What does it mean to crinkle your nose?

to show surprise, uncertainty, or disgust at something: “Oooh, yuck!” 7-year-old Pamela says, wrinkling her nose as she wipes gooey paste from her fingers onto her sweat pants.

What is the tradition of butter on the nose for birthday?

A buttered nose is supposed to help children to slip away from bad luck. Lore has it that this tradition began in Scotland and carried into Eastern Canada. Even better than a buttered nose is a fortune cake, sometimes called a money cake.

Why do people put butter on your nose for your birthday?

1. Canada: Nose Grease. On the Atlantic side of Canada, birthday boys and girls are sometimes “ambushed” and their noses are greased, usually with butter, to ward off bad luck. A friend who lives in Pictou told this writer that “The butter got worse as you got older.

What does on the nose mean in horse racing?

slang. a. (in horse-race betting) to win only. I bet twenty pounds on the nose on that horse.

How do you crinkle your nose?

What Causes Nose Wrinkles? As with all expression lines, these wrinkles are typically caused by repeated facial movements in the area, like wrinkling your nose. “Certain people are more prone to getting bunny lines based on the way that they make their facial expressions,” Levine says.

Where did butter on the nose come from?

Research indicates the custom of buttering kids’ noses on their birthday comes from various cultures. It seems Atlantic Canada (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc.) and also those of Scottish descent claimed to have started greasing kids’ noses for good luck.

What are the Mexican birthday traditions?

Dancing and Food Traditions Music, dancing, and food make a Mexican birthday party unique. These parties have traditional music, like the Mariachi, played. The food at parties also includes traditional spread like rice pudding, churros, salsas, taquitos, sopapillas, and tortillas, along with traditional Mexican drinks.

What is nose grease used for?

Nose grease can be used to minimize scratches in optical surfaces, for example when cleaning photographic negatives. Observatory lore holds that nose grease was used to reduce stray light and reflections in transmissive telescopes before the development of vacuum antireflective coatings.

What does on the nose mean in Australia?

If something is on the nose, it is exact or precise. ‘The horse weighed 500 kilograms on the nose. ‘ In Australian English, it can also be a slang phrase meaning smelly. ‘Those prawns have been out on the table for too long; they’re a bit on the nose.

Where does the expression ” he fell with his nose into the butter ” come from?

@WalterNoons: Literally translated, the Dutch expression goes, “he fell with his nose into the butter”. Or “I fell with my nose into the butter”, etc. It is only used when you get something good, not when you luck out of something bad.

Where did the expression landed in a tub of butter come from?

The expression, or at least the sat in version, seems to be well-known in the 1922 example (though the story includes a giant tub of butter, so perhaps the audience is supposed to understand it from context). But here my Google-fu fails me and I haven’t found anything earlier.

Where did the expression ” rolling in butter ” come from?

A Book of Southernisms (1993): Many of Mama’s country expressions featured some reference to butter. For instance, she always said: There’s more ways to kill a cat than choking it to death in butter. For a wealthy family, the expression was that they were rolling in butter.

Who is soft as falling in a tub of butter?

The word had been passed around that southpaws bother Bridgeport. Stone did bother Lou Litschi and Benny Kauff, neither of whom got a hit, but Skipper Eley and Foot Ruell found the southpaw as soft as falling into a tub of butter. Eley had a home run, a single and two passes in four times up.