What does Serrio Mal mean?

What does Serrio Mal mean?

The Serrio Mal was a ship of the MCRN unidentified heavy frigate-class, stolen and provided to the Free Navy by a rogue Martian breakaway fleet that would eventually form the Lacionan Empire. Advertisement.

What is the Donnager?

The Donnager is the namesake of the Donnager-class Battleship. Incredible PC game bundle, from $10. Buy from Fanatical. Destroyed before the Ganymede incident, it played a highly active role in protecting Martian shipping lanes, shutting down piracy, and protecting Martian interests in the outer Solar system.

What is a serio?

Definition of serio- (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : serious seriocomedy. 2 : serious and serioludicrous.

What killed the Donnager?

A torpedo fired hit the Donnagers’ aft damaging the reactor. This forced the crew to shut it down leaving the ship in zero gravity. Locked in their captain the crew of the Canterbury were shocked at how bad the situation appeared to be.

What was the Scopuli?

The Scopuli was a Martian light transport freighter registered on Eros that was in service to the OPA. One of its crew was Julie Mao Books • TV and it was attacked by the stealth ship Anubis Books • TV. It was later used as a lure in the ambush and destruction of the Canterbury Books • TV.

What is a serio comic tone?

adjective. Combining the serious and the comic; serious in intention but humorous in manner or vice versa.

What is the meaning of serio comic?

: a comedy with serious elements or overtones : tragicomedy.

Why did protogen destroy the Donnager?

Earth thinks Mars is trying to destabilise the Belt (to take it from them) and so gets annoyed at Mars. Tensions increase, and it’s easy to start a war. Holden and crew act as their star witnesses to say Mars did it. And then they blew up the Donnager.

Who blew up Donnager?

They’re taken prisoner by the Martian destroyer called the Donnager, which itself gets blown up by the mysterious stealth tech, meaning the Martians aren’t the ones to blame and someone is trying to force the three main powers in the system into war.

Why was the Canterbury destroyed the expanse?

The ice hauler Canterbury is destroyed by what is believed to be a Martian stealth ship, forcing former crew members like Jim Holden (Steven Strait) to look for answers.

What happened to the Canterbury?

The defenseless ship was destroyed in an ambush by the stealth corvette Anubis while investigating the distress beacon of the Scopuli. Only five crewmembers survived thanks to being aboard the shuttle Knight which was a safe distance from the reactor breach initiated by the Anubis’s nuclear assault.

What is serio comedic?