What does the Dominator do in Psycho-Pass?

What does the Dominator do in Psycho-Pass?

The Dominator is a handgun from the popular cyberpunk TV series “Psycho Pass.” In the show, it has the capability to judge a person’s predilection for crime and, when confronted by the most extreme cases of villainy, turn a perpetrator into red paste.

What is the Cerevo Dominator from?

The Dominator gun from the hit anime Psycho-Pass. The DOMINATOR features authentic voice and sound effects and a fully mechanized Eliminator mode.

How much does a Cerevo Dominator cost?

All this brilliance comes at a cost though, the standard version of their Dominator will retail at $799 with a special edition version with a wooden handgrip and other extra detailing priced at $899.

Who made Dominator?

Dominator (roller coaster)

Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
Designer Werner Stengel
Model Floorless roller coaster
Lift/launch system Chain lift hill

Who is togane in Psycho-Pass?

Sakuya Togane
Sakuya Togane (東金 朔夜 Tougane Sakuya) is an Enforcer within Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau and although it has been erased from the official documents, he possesses the highest crime coefficient on record. He is a secondary antagonist of Psycho-Pass 2.

How do dominators work?

The Dominator’s standard mode fires energy bursts that paralyze the target and does not need to transform for this mode. It is used to knock suspects unconscious in order to safely bring them into custody. The effect may be reduced or negated if the target is under the influence of strong stimulants.

Where are Dominator safes made?

Perth, Western Australia
About us. In 2007, Dominator Safes began, from a small centrally located showroom in Perth, Western Australia, producing high-security safes for the purpose of supplying the Australian market with a cost-efficient security option for home and commercial valuables storage.

How tall is the Dominator?

49 m

Who is Ginoza dad?

Tomomi Masaoka

Nobuchika Ginoza
Relatives Tomomi Masaoka (father, deceased) Sae Ginoza (mother) Akiho Ginoza (grandmother)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1 Inspector Akane Tsunemori File No. 003 Inspector Shinya Kogami
Anime Debut 0101 Crime Coefficient

What is your crime coefficient psycho pass?

A person’s Crime Coefficient (Japanese 犯罪係数 Romaji: Hanzai Keisū) is a numerical measure of said person’s probability/propensity to commit a crime. It is one part of a person’s overall Psycho-Pass. The Public Safety Bureau uses this measurement to determine if a target is a latent criminal or otherwise.

Who is the voice over for Dominator Psycho Pass?

DOMINATOR features over 100 different voice samples from Noriko Hidaka who provides the Dominator voiceover for PSYCHO-PASS. DOMINATOR can automatically playback voiceovers depending on the situation, such as grasping the grip, detecting an authorized person and more.

How big is the Dominator Psycho Pass psychopath?

Big size of the “PSYCHO-PASS psychopaths” to the total length of about 360mm special handgun “Dominator” was indexing the size than appearance! In the play in PROPLICA that appeared.

What does the assault Dominator do in Psycho Pass?

The Assault Dominator in use (” Psycho-Pass: The Movie ). The Dominator will declare a subject’s Crime Coefficient to be ‘Unmeasurable’ where no life signs are detected ( Sinners of the System Case.2 – First Guardian ). Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What does the destroy decomposer do in Psycho Pass?

In the film, the Destroy Decomposer is shown to be capable of variable output. A seemingly high output blast is shown completely vaporizing half a car. Use of the Destroy Decomposer can be authorized against human targets if the subject escalates dangerously to higher levels of violence, such as using explosives.