What happened between Starc and Pollard in IPL?

What happened between Starc and Pollard in IPL?

Starc had started his run-up to bowl the next delivery but the speedster was stopped midway by Pollard which triggered a heated altercation between the two competitors. Starc refused to pull the brakes and bowled the delivery around Pollard’s legs. The Windies batsman retaliated by throwing his bat at the bowler.

Which year did Starc and Pollard fight?

Kieron Pollard-Mitchell Starc Scuffle in IPL 2014 Should Not Be Played Down. It was the 16th over of Royal Challengers Bangalore’s chase of 188 against the Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, in the Indian Premier League on Tuesday.

Why did Pollard throw his bat?

Pollard threw his bat in Starc’s direction after the frustrated Aussie fast bowler seemingly aimed a delivery at the West Indies star who had pulled away citing a distraction. Pollard immediately complained to the umpire before Starc’s skipper Virat Kohli stepped in to defuse the situation.

Why did Starc didn’t play IPL?

Starc, who is currently representing New South Wales (NSW) in the Sheffield Shield, said he decided to skip IPL to play “as much Shield Cricket” as he could. “I wanted to play as much Shield cricket as I could.

Who is the wife of Mitchell Starc?

Alyssa Healym. 2016
Mitchell Starc/Wife

Where is Mitchell Starc?

Australian Men’s Cricket TeamBowler
New South WalesBowlerSydney SixersBowler
Mitchell Starc/Current teams

T20I shirt no. Mitchell Aaron Starc (born 30 January 1990) is an Australian international cricketer who plays for the Australian national team and New South Wales in domestic cricket. He is a left-arm fast bowler and a capable lower order left-handed batsman.

What is the height of Pollard?

1.96 m
Kieron Pollard/Height

Is Mitchell Starc available for IPL 2020?

Australian pacer Mitchell Starc has said that he does not regret opting-out from the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. The fast bowler had decided before the player’s auction that he would not be participating in the IPL 2020. “IPL 2020 will be played from September 19 and the final will be played on November 10, 2020.

Is Mitchell Starc retired?

Mitchell Starc

Personal information
National side Australia (2010–present)
Test debut (cap 425) 1 December 2011 v New Zealand
Last Test 15 January 2021 v India
ODI debut (cap 185) 20 October 2010 v India

Is Mitchell Starc still married?

Mitchell Starc Marriage to Alyssa Healy Healy became engaged to fast bowler Mitchell Starc in 2015. In April of 2016, they finally got married. They were 9 when they met each other.

Who is Ash Gardner partner?

Bridget Patterson
Australian Women’s Cricket Team – Ashleigh Gardner and partner Bridget Patterson | Facebook.

Did Mitchell Starc retire?

What did Starc do to Pollard in IPL?

Starc even taunted Pollard after the Mumbai Indians batsman was run out by the Australian pacer. In the aftermath of the incident, both players were fined under the IPL’s code of conduct. Pollard was reportedly penalised 75% of his match fee while Starc was fined 50% as both players admitted to the level 2 offences at the time.

What was the penalty for Pollard Starc fight?

Pollard was reportedly penalised 75% of his match fee while Starc was fined 50% as both players admitted to the level 2 offences at the time. Throwback! When Yuvraj Singh gave a hilarious marriage advice to Jasprit Bumrah

What was the fine for Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard?

Both players admitted to level 2 offences under the IPL’s code of conduct, under which the penalties for a first offence range from a fine of between 50-100% of match fee and/or a suspension of up to two matches.

Who was involved in the Micthell Starc fight?

Mumbai Indians (MI) Keiron Pollard and ex-Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) pacer Micthell Starc were involved in a heated altercation during the 2014 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Wankhede.