What happened to the air ride at Alton Towers?

What happened to the air ride at Alton Towers?

The roller coaster originally opened as Air on 16 March 2002. Following the close of the 2015 season, the ride underwent refurbishment and reopened as Galactica on 24 March 2016.

Why did Alton Towers get rid of air?

By the start of the 2019 season, the VR head sets were completely and permanently removed from the ride after less than three years. Alton Towers said that it took the decision in response to guest feedback.

Why did they remove VR from Galactica?

Galactica no longer features VR due to guest feedback regarding their experience on the ride.

Why was air changed to Galactica?

Galactica (formerly called Air) is a steel flying roller coaster located at Alton Towers in Alton, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom. For the 2016 season, the name was changed from Air to Galactica as virtual reality headsets were added to the ride.

What rides are no longer at Alton Towers?


  • Miniature Golf. 1980 – 1994.
  • Mini Apple Coaster. 1982 – 1995.
  • Mississippi Showboat. 1985 – 1996.
  • Splash Kats.???? – 1996.
  • Rowing Boats.???? – 1996.
  • Thunder Looper. 1990 – 1996.
  • Nickelodeon: Outta Control. 1997 – 1998.
  • The New Beast. 1992 – 1998.

Did Alton Towers get rid of Air?

It was always therefore going to be a bold decision to redesign the ride and turn it into a new VR ride called Galactica. It will replace Air and use the existing track structure combined with a new fully-dedicated virtual reality experience that Alton Towers are claiming as a world’s first.

Why was Air changed to Galactica?

Does Galactica go backwards?

From ‘lie to fly’ to ‘fly to lie’, you’ll experience two full 360 degree inversions. Flip onto your back in the world’s first ‘lying down’ ride position.

Has Alton Towers been rebranded?

Alton Towers’ Burger Kitchen undergoes a complete rebrand with imaginative printed graphics. We decorated the walls and columns of the restaurant with vibrant self-adhesive graphics including images of hot dogs and burger buns as well as pictures of Alton Tower’s most popular attractions.

Where is the Galactica ride at Alton Towers?

Galactica (formerly known as Air) is a flying virtual reality coaster located in the Forbidden Valley area of Alton Towers, Staffordshire, England. The ride was the first flying roller coaster built by the Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard.

When did Alton Towers Open the flying roller coaster?

Air (2002–2015) Alton Towers conceived the concept of a flying roller coaster in 1990, twelve years before Air eventually opened.

Which is the most expensive ride at Alton Towers?

At the time of opening, Air tied with Oblivion as the most expensive ride at Alton Towers, at a cost of £12 million. A £4.5 million marketing campaign for the ride included commercials based around the ride’s slogan, “assume the position”.

Where is the Alton Towers theme park located?

The park’s location in Staffordshire. Alton Towers Resort, often shortened to Alton Towers, is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England.