What happens in Season 1 Episode 21 of vampire Diaries?

What happens in Season 1 Episode 21 of vampire Diaries?

John admits to Jeremy it’s so she can prevent a dangerous group of vampires (from the tomb) from taking over Mystic Falls. A plan is hatched: Bonnie says she can reverse her ancestor’s spell, so when Elena hands the invention over to Isobel and John, it won’t work – but they won’t know it. This is what takes place.

Is Elena Alaric’s daughter?

Isobel Flemming was the wife of Alaric Saltzman and the biological mother of Elena Gilbert. She was good friends with her ancestor Katherine Pierce, a vampire she often conspired with. When Isobel was still in high school, she met John Gilbert and became pregnant with Elena.

Is Elena’s mom a vampire?

Isobel Flemming: Isobel was Elena’s biological mother. She was married to Alaric Saltzman, Elena’s stepfather and Elena and Jeremy’s guardian. She became a vampire after being turned by Damon Salvatore in 2007. Isobel gave birth to Elena when she was 16, with the help of Grayson Gilbert, John Gilbert’s older brother.

Did Damon sleep with Elena’s mom?

Damon has slept with three members of the Petrova Family: Katherine, Isobel and Elena Gilbert. Damon slept with both Elena and her mom, but that doesn’t seem to bother Elena (if she knows). They were both antagonists on the show at some point during the series. Isobel recognizes Damon’s love for Elena.

What happens in Season 1 Episode 22 of vampire Diaries?

The council wants to kill the founders, Anna tells Damon. While Elena and Stefan are searching for Jeremy, Mayor Richard Lockwood implores Tyler and friends to go home and offers up his car. The rebellious Tyler eventually accepts and the Founder’s celebration begins.

Who is Elena’s birth father?

Elena Gilbert is born on June 22, 1992 in Mystic Falls, Virginia to John Gilbert (David Anders) and Isobel Flemming (Mia Kirshner) while they were still in highschool. With the help of John’s brother Grayson, Isobel and John flee town days later, leaving Grayson and his wife Miranda to adopt Elena as their own.

Is Alaric Elena’s real dad?

Elena was in Alaric’s history class for two years in a row, the only years he taught at the school. Alaric and Elena’s lives were linked when he became a vampire. Ironically, they became unlinked when Elena became a vampire. Alaric is Elena’s step-father and second legal guardian after Jenna.

Is Isobel Flemming a vampire?

Isobel Flemming was the biological mother of Elena. She was turned into a vampire by Damon Salvatore by her insistence. She became cold and calculating, but wished for her daughter to live a normal life. She was compelled by Klaus to find Elena, use Alaric as a host, find a vampire and werewolf for his ritual.

Did Elena and Damon sleep together?

After asking Stefan why he wants to cure Elena, Damon tells him that he loves Elena as a vampire or human. In the following episode “My Brother’s Keeper”, Elena tells Damon he is the reason she and Stefan broke up and at the end of the episode Damon and Elena finally have sex.

Does Damon sleep with anyone in Season 7?

While Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fans were dealt a pretty devastating blow in last week’s episode, with Damon burning Elena’s body and all, Damon drove the stake in the Delena fanbase’s collective heart even further when he hooked up with someone else. Yep, it finally happened, and we were NOT happy about it.

Who does Damon kiss in Season 1 episode 22?

Season 1, Episode 22 Damon and Elena learn to tolerate one another over the course of the first season, even forming a “friendship” of sorts. During the season finale, things take a turn for the unexpected when the two kiss on her front porch after an intimate conversation. Or so we think.

What episode does Elena from Vampire Diaries become a vampire?

The Vampire Diaries Answers. Elana becomes a vampire the last episode of season three, and the first episode of season four.

Is Vampire Diaries on Hulu?

Stream The Vampire Diaries on Hulu. You can currently stream The Vampire Diaries on Hulu, but you are limited to only the five most recent episodes. It seems to make sense that in the near future Hulu and The CW could become better partners with a larger collection of recent CW episodes, but for now most are limited to only the last five.

How many episodes of Vampire Diaries are there?

The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series which was first broadcast on The CW from 2009 to 2017, airing 171 episodes over 8 seasons.