What is a finish plan?

What is a finish plan?

A finish plan, as shown in Figure 11-2, shows the finish material to be applied to wall and floor surfaces graphically, with a corresponding legend (Figure 11-3). The finish plan codes and graphically indicates where each surface treatment goes.

What is a finish floor plan?

Not all projects will have a floor finish plan. It ultimately comes down to the complexity of the finishes, and drawing needs. This floor finish plan shows where certain flooring is to be used, and also defines the angle of the flooring as it moves from one space to the next.

What are finish schedules?

A Finish Schedule is a form of product specification writing that outlines the materials desired on a construction project. Specifically, a Finish Schedule outlines floor, wall, ceiling materials and excludes lighting, windows, doors, and furniture.

What are finishing drawings?

Finishing Drawing: This drawing illustrates the finishing details and appearance of the building. Construction Finishing drawings include every type of components of the building, such as painting colors, flooring pattern, plastering texture, elevation design, and false ceiling shapes.

What is finish floor line?

Finished floor level (FFL) refers to the uppermost surface of a floor once construction has been completed but before any finishes have been applied. In addition, the numbers may be beside or above an arrow that indicates the finished floor level.

What is a paint schedule?

The paint schedule is a listing of every room in the house as well as the detailed information about the paint that will be used in it.

What does base mean on a finish schedule?

It means the wall base–vinyl, wood, etc. at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor.

What are different types of drawings?

Different Types of Drawing in Fine Art

  • Figurative Drawing.
  • Anatomy Drawing.
  • Caricature Drawing.
  • Life Drawing / Still life Drawing.
  • Portrait Drawing.
  • Landscape Drawing.
  • Perspective Drawing.
  • Cartoon Drawing.