What is an army counseling statement?

What is an army counseling statement?

The intent of the counseling statement is to document the issue, develop a plan of action, and assess the plan of action, not force the Soldier to sign.

What should be included in initial counseling?

What should be included in initial counseling?

  • Accountability.
  • Appearance.
  • Chain of Command.
  • Job Description.
  • Safety.
  • Setting the Example.
  • Self Improvement.
  • Team Work.

What happens if a Soldier disagrees with a counseling statement?

The Soldier has the option to check the disagree box. Although it is to their advantage to state why they disagree and present evidence supporting their position, they are under no requirement to write anything. The plan of action and counseling are still enforceable.

What do you put on an army Counseling form?

Simply put, it is a “legal statement” that you include on the official Army Counseling Form when you counsel a subordinate. This statement is typically used for “negative” event-oriented counseling. Example events might include insubordination, driving under the influence, failure to report, public intoxication, or something similar.

Can a soldier accept a recommendation for counseling?

However, he stated that if you are late for duty one more time, he will accept my recommendation. As emphasized in previous counselings, accountability and responsibility are indispensable traits of a Soldier! There is no exception to this requirement and no room for interpretation.

How many counselings has specialist Smith had in the Army?

Specialist Smith, you have had numerous verbal counselings and 5 written counselings on violation of Article 86 of the UCMJ in the past 11 months. You are demonstrating a serious pattern of misconduct. If you had been my Soldier, you wouldn’t still be in the Army.