What is in vinyl record cleaning fluid?

What is in vinyl record cleaning fluid?

The exact mixture is one part isopropyl alcohol, one part distilled water, and one to two drops of dishwashing soap. This combination of fluids is widely recommended as an efficient mixture to clean records using what are household materials. The three ingredients were easy to measure and easy to mix.

What is the best fluid for record cleaning?

The Best Record Cleaning Fluid

  1. Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Solution.
  2. Big Fudge Record Cleaner Fluid.
  3. Record Rescue Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid.
  4. Audio-Technica AT634a Record Care Solution.
  5. Lasermedia VNC-8 Professional record Cleaner Fluid.
  6. Spin Clean Wash Fluid.

Do you clean new vinyl records?

For a new record, a simple wet clean using the Vinyl Revival cleaning kit is enough to remove debris and manufacturing residue; you’ll also have the added benefit of removing any static in the process, as the cleaning solution will neutralise any positive charge.

What’s the best way to clean vinyl records?

How to Clean Vinyl Records

  1. Wipe gently. Remove all dust and static using a microfiber cloth, using very little pressure to avoid driving any particles further into the grooves in the vinyl.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Apply Simple Green solution.
  4. Damp-wipe clean.
  5. Dry.
  6. Spin and store properly.

How do you clean vinyl records yourself?

Mix 1/4 of 96-99% isopropyl alcohol, 3/4 distilled water, and one or two drops of rinse agent. The best way to do this is to add these ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well. Place the record on a microfiber cloth. Spray the solution on the record by making sure none of it gets on the label.

Can I use isopropyl alcohol to clean vinyl records?

Wash The Record In particular, we recommend avoiding any that contain isopropyl alcohol. While it will clean the muck off your record, many people report that over time it’ll also damage the protective coating on your vinyl. If you are going to use a solution with isopropyl alcohol – use is sparingly.

Can you use alcohol to clean vinyl records?

Cleaning your vinyl records with pure alcohol is not safe and you should never use undiluted alcohol to clean them. Some commercially available record cleaning solutions do contain a small concentration of isopropyl alcohol, but this is mixed with other ingredients.

How do you make your own record cleaning solution?

Is it OK to clean vinyl records with alcohol?