What is KSM Android?

What is KSM Android?

KSM (kernel samepage merging) is a Linux kernel feature that allows the KVM hypervisor to share identical memory pages among different process or virtual machines on the same server. This level of overcommitment is possible because virtual machines on the same host often share many duplicate memory pages.

What is KSM sharing?

In computing, kernel same-page merging (KSM), also known as kernel shared memory, memory merging, memory deduplication, and page deduplication is a kernel feature that makes it possible for a hypervisor system to share memory pages that have identical contents between multiple processes and/or virtualized guests.

What is Ksmtuned?

ksmtuned is part of Kernel same-page Merging (KSM) service, it’s a Linux feature used by KVM hypervisor, it examines the memory allocated by the running programs, if it finds identical memory pages it will merge them in a single memory page, the thing will reduce the used memory pages and hence the overall memory …

What is memory deduplication?

Active Memory Deduplication is a virtualization technology in which memory pages with identical contents are coalesced (or deduplicated) in physical memory. Active Memory Deduplication aggregates the same data in one memory position, and frees other duplicate memory blocks, thus optimizing memory use.

What is KSM service?

KSM is a Linux feature which uses this concept in reverse. KSM enables the kernel to examine two or more already running programs and compare their memory. If any memory regions or pages are identical, KSM reduces multiple identical memory pages to a single page.

What is Khugepaged?

thp_collapse_alloc is incremented by khugepaged when it has found a range of pages to collapse into one huge page and has successfully allocated a new huge page to store the data. thp_fault_fallback is incremented if a page fault fails to allocate a huge page and instead falls back to using small pages.

What is KSMD process?

The KSM daemon ksmd periodically scans those areas of user memory which have been registered with it, looking for pages of identical content which can be replaced by a single write-protected page (which is automatically copied if a process later wants to update its content).

What does the term de duplication refer to?

The term deduplication refers generally to eliminating duplicate or redundant information. Data deduplication, in computer storage, refers to the elimination of redundant data.

What is KSMD process Linux?

What does transparent huge pages do?

Transparent Huge Pages (THP) is a Linux memory management system that reduces the overhead of Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) lookups on machines with large amounts of memory by using larger memory pages. When running MongoDB on Linux, THP should be disabled for best performance.

What are Hugepages and the advantages of using them?

Enabling HugePages makes it possible for the operating system to support memory pages greater than the default (usually 4 KB). Using very large page sizes can improve system performance by reducing the amount of system resources required to access page table entries.

What is deduplication?

Deduplication refers to a method of eliminating a dataset’s redundant data. In a secure data deduplication process, a deduplication assessment tool identifies extra copies of data and deletes them, so a single instance can then be stored. Data deduplication software analyzes data to identify duplicate byte patterns.

What does KSM stand for in computer terms?

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