What is LT1 and LT3 on G-shock?

What is LT1 and LT3 on G-shock?

You can have it set for either 1.5sec or 3sec, LT1 and LT3 on the watch respectively. It means if it’s dark out you can hold your wrist flat (with watch on it) and angle it towards your face greater than 40 degrees and the illumination will activate.

What are the 3 circles on Ag shock?

those are simply graphics that count the seconds. think of them as the seconds hand for a digital watch. the two left circles ticks every one second, the final circle on the right fills a segment every 10 seconds.

What are the features of G-Shock?

The newest collection of the ‘G’ comes with exciting features like a built-in altimeter, navigating compass, bluetooth connectivity and a world timer accurate to 1-2 seconds a month. And such is their durability (mentioning it for the third time now) that G-Shocks last for generations rather than years.

Does all G Shock have auto light?

Now, this is a very simple, but essential function in all G-Shocks, as well as all Baby-G-Shock watches. If you’ve ever been in a dark room, with no clue where any of the buttons are, chances are, you’d need an auto light. All you need to do is turn your wrist 45 degrees, and the watch automatically does the rest.

Why won’t my G Shock light up?

Check the watch batteries. The “Reset” button is inside the battery compartment and must be pressed before replacing the compartment cover. Replace the cover of the battery compartment and press the “Light/Snooze” button to activate the light.

How do you set the time on a G Shock?

Setting the time on a G-shock is accomplished in a couple of easy steps. Press the “mode” button on the bottom left hand side of the watch. Press it once to get to time mode. The time digits will begin to flash. Press the top right hand button once. This will cause the second digits to flash.

What type of battery does a G Shock use?

Casio G-Shock watch batteries are rechargeable batteries similar those used by other solar watches in the business (Citizen Eco-Drive, Seiko Solar, etc.).

How do you set the time on a G Shock watch?

Press the top left button on your G-Shock watch to activate the time setting mode. Press the bottom left button until the seconds field on the watch face starts to flash. Use the bottom left (up or increase) and bottom right (down or decrease) buttons to set the seconds.

What is the best G Shock watch?

DW9052-1V. A simple and subtle G-Shock,the DW9052-1V is a long-time favorite of military personnel.

  • DW5600E-1V. One of the most basic,least expensive G-Shocks around,the DW5600E can take a shocking amount of abuse before finally giving up the ghost.
  • GM6900.
  • GW9400 Rangeman.
  • GBD-H1000.
  • DW5000C.
  • GWF-A1000 Frogman.