What is solarez used for?

What is solarez used for?

High strength, fiber reinforced Epoxy resin, with a solar activated catalyst which remains liquid until direct sunlight hits it. Ideal for on the spot surface and structural repairsSolarez “Epoxy” Fiberfill is UV activated for quick easy repairs on-the-go. Includes sanding pad.

How long does it take solarez to cure?

Solarez UV Resins | Hardens in 3 minutes when exposed to uv sunlight.

Is solarez permanent?

suncure and solarez sun curing products can be used for permanent repair.

How do you dry solarez without sun?

If there is absolutely no sun available, or you need to do repairs indoors, a tanning lamp which uses the relatively safe “UV-A” bulbs will work quite effectively.

Is Solarez good for surfboard?

The classic Solarez Polyester Ding Repair tube that we all know & love. This tube alone will solve 90% of your ding issues. With resin & fibre strands already mixed together & a dry time of three minutes in the sun, it’s the best you can get. It is not hard to fix the tail of your surfboard.

Will solarez cure on a cloudy day?

Anything better than dense fog will work fine. Very weak, hazy sun may take as long as 30 minutes to cure SOLAREZ®.

How do I uninstall solarez?

catalyst, whose reaction proceeds irreversibly and sometimes catastrophically forward, SOLAREZ® ‘ can be interrupted at any time. Simply remove it from sunlight. When it is replaced into sunlight again, the reaction will resume.

Can you dry Solarez with a hair dryer?

Solarez resins typically contain “air release” in them and should allow bubbles to pop at room temperatures. If you have a stubborn bubble, wait a few minutes and if it still doesn’t pop, you can gently blow hot air at it with a hair dryer. A hair dry is much safer.

Does UV resin cure without light?

You cannot cure UV resin (also known as 1-part resin) without UV light. But 2-part resin is not UV-sensitive, so it can cure without UV light. Direct sunlight exposure is enough to cure resin, but it might take more time than high UV wavelengths from a professional UV curing machine.

Can you sand solarez?

After the Solarez cures, you can sand it if you want. I usually don’t bother sanding mine unless the cured resin is poky or sharp. But I know a lot of you want everything to be perfect, so go ahead and sand it so it’s perfectly flush with the rest of your surfboard.

Where is solarez UV cure fly tie resin made?

Made in USA since 1985 SOLAREZ UV Cure Fly-Tie Resin ~ Thick-Hard Formula 0.5 oz. Made in USA!

Do you need direct sunlight to repair solarez?

Works as described, you DO need direct sunlight for it to work, being in a “well lit” room was not enough to activate the resin. Once I took the board outdoor to direct sun light it set. Be careful and make sure there’s no little air bubbles at all in the repair you are doing.

How do you fill a crack with solarez?

After using a Dremel to clean out the broken material and shape the crack to allow good adhesion, I filled the crack with SolarEZ. Once it was filled and relatively even, I used the slick side of some packing tape to create a smooth surface.

Can you repair an epoxy Ding with solarez?

Being able to quickly effect epoxy board repairs like I can with Solarez is such a blessing. I’ve even done really clean nose and FCS box repairs with this stuff. And now one of them wants to start longboarding, so I expect my frequency of repairs will only increase.