What is the AC DC logo?

What is the AC DC logo?

lightning bolt
Unveiled in June 1977, the AC/DC logo was designed by Atlantic Records art director Bob Defrin with the help of renowned graphic designer Gerard Huerta. The logo depicts a lightning bolt that is incorporated within the band’s name. Huerta is credited for its sharp, carefully-crafted Gothic lettering.

What is the AC DC font called?

AC/DC Font Family Squealer Font is the typeface being using in the logo of the famous Australian rock band AC/DC. Designed by Raymond Larabie for type foundry Typodermic Fonts.

What does the lightning bolt mean in AC DC?

The meaning is as it follows: ac = alternating current, dc = direct current. It makes a reference to the electric signals and voltages and that explains where the voltage bolt in the logo comes from. His contribution to the band’s logo design turned out to be crucial.

Who made the ACDC logo?

Gerard Huerta
25-year-old Gerard Huerta created the now-iconic design in April of 1977. He also designed the logo for High Voltage.

Who owns ACDC?

The Australian record label which launched AC/DC’s career has been acquired by major music firm Bertelsmann Rights Management (BMG). Alberts, a 131-year-old independent recording and publishing company, will form part of BMG Australia.

What are ACDC colors?

The basic colors are black, white, and red.

Is the AC DC font copyrighted?

The band owns a registered trademark on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for “AC/DC” that consists of the letters and symbols in a gothic font, with a lightning bolt as the slash in between the letters.

What is Rolling Stones logo?

The tongue and lips logo or alternatively the lips and tongue logo, also known as the Hot Lips logo, or the Rolling Stones Records logo, or simply the Rolling Stones logo, is a logo designed by the English art designer John Pasche for the rock band The Rolling Stones in 1970.

When did the AC / DC logo come out?

The ACDC logo was introduced in June 1977 when the band released the international version of its fourth studio album dubbed “Let There Be Rock.” What Does the AC/DC Logo Stand for? The iconic ACDC logo is widely recognizable, partly because the name makes up the logo.

How did the band AC / DC get their name?

By then, their sister Margaret had a sewing machine in which “AC/DC” was inscribed to mean alternating current/direct current. They took up the initials as their band’s name hence “AC/DC” was born. In November 1973, the band came to be, and they had other people join the in various capacities; among them was Dave Evans, the lead vocalist.

What was AC / DC’s first album in Australia?

This page only shows primary logo variants. This was used on their first Australian album, High Voltage (1975). This was used on the international release of their first album, High Voltage (1976). This was used on their second international album and third Australian album, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976).

What kind of font does AC / DC use?

One such example is AC/DC. Their first two albums were only initially released in Australia and both featured variations on a stencil theme with a lightning bolt dividing the two sets of initials: both of these can be recreated using Glaser Stencil font, but you’ll need to draw a lightning bolt to complete the effect…