What is the Richard constitution of 1946 all about?

What is the Richard constitution of 1946 all about?

Aims and Objectives of Richards Constitution of 1946 To promote the unity of Nigeria. To acquire greater participation of Nigerians in their own affairs. To create a Legislative Council in which all sections of the country would be represented. To evolve a constitutional framework to cover all parts of Nigeria.

What was the aim of forming the Richard’s constitution?

Objectives of Richards Constitution To evolve a constitution to cover all parts of Nigeria. To divide Nigeria into three regions: North, West and East and create a regional council for each. To allow Nigerians to participate more in their own governance.

What is Richard constitution weakness?

1. The governor still possessed veto power. 2. The regionalism that this constitution introduced resulted in disunity in Nigerian politics.

What is the meaning of Macpherson constitution?

As Governor, Macpherson was responsible for the introduction of the 1951 Constitution (unofficially known as the Macpherson Constitution), which provided for “semi-responsible government”. He also accelerated the Africanization of the Nigerian public service.

What is the meaning of independence constitution?

Independence constitution is the name commonly given by African political scientists to originating constitutions (many of which are extant) of former British colonies, primarily in Africa, which gained their independence approximately 1960-1990.

What are the main features of Richard constitution?


  • Integration of Nigeria under one (1) council.
  • Each region had its own regional council.
  • Bi-cameral legislature in the North but uni-cameral for the East and West.
  • An executive council of official to assist the governor.

What are the demerits of Clifford Constitution?

Demerits of 1922 Clifford Constitution Northern Nigeria was not represented in the new Legislative council as it comprised members from the south alone. A large percentage of Nigerians were disenfranchised by the limitation of franchise to Lagos and Calabar. The exclusion of Africans from the Executive Council.

What are the main criticism Levelled against the 1946 Richard Constitution of Nigeria?

The Richard constitution was considered as a flop because it did not allow the Nigerians the power to run their own government. For example, there was still the position of a Governor who held the power of veto and there were still Europeans who were in charge of the departments in the state.

What are features of Macpherson constitution?

Belowwere the features of Macpherson’s Constitution;

  • It introduced a quasi-federal government.
  • It still retained the ‘three regional structure’.
  • It created Central Executive Council, without any executive powers, called the Council of Ministers.

What did Clifford Constitution introduce?

The first elections to the council were held on 29 March 1920. In 1922 a new constitution (known as the Clifford Constitution after Governor Hugh Clifford) was promulgated, which introduced four elected seats to the Legislative Council, three for Lagos and one for Calabar.

What is Lord Lugard constitution?

Lord Frederick Lugard was the 1st Governor-General of amalgamated Nigeria. The 1914 Constitution created a Legislative Council of the Colony which was however restricted to making laws for the Colony of Lagos alone, whilst the Governor General made laws for the rest of the country.