What is the USI for AMP?

What is the USI for AMP?


Product name USI / SPIN
AMP Personal Superannuation (AMPAK) – Investment Account AMP0402AU
AMP Personal Superannuation Plan 76746741299027
AMP Portfolio Plan 76746741299028
AMP Retirement Savings Account AMP0276AU

What type of super fund is AMP?

AMP super for employers SignatureSuper® is a superannuation solution for large businesses. It offers a variety of benefits & investment choices for employers and employees.

What is AMP unique superannuation identifier?

AMP Superannuation Savings Trust’s USI Number is 76514770399003.

What is the USI for AMP Flexible Super?

The ABN for AMP Super AMP Flexible Lifetime Super is 76514770399. The USI for AMP Super AMP Flexible Lifetime Super is AMP0195AU.

What is AMP Superannuation ABN?

AMP Super Savings Trust ABN Number (Australian Business Number) AMP Super Savings Trust ABN Number: 76 514 770 399. The RSE number, otherwise referred to as a Registerable Superannuation Entity Number, are issued to a superannuation to denote they’re registered with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) …

Is AMP An APRA fund?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has issued directions and additional licence conditions to AMP Superannuation Limited and N.M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited (collectively AMP Super). The directions also require AMP Super to renew and strengthen its board.

Is AMP an industry super fund?

With low fees, simple options and no commissions, AMP Flexible Super certainly sounds like an industry fund. Of course, it isn’t. AMP does not represent an industry and is an Australian Securities Exchange-listed company, however, the product does have some of the hallmarks of an industry fund.

How do I find my unique superannuation identifier?

The USI can often be found on your annual super statement or super fund’s website. It is typically provided in the super funds’ Letter of Compliance or in its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). A super fund may have only one USI or it may have a USI for each super product.

What is AMP superannuation ABN?