What nationality is the last name Driscoll?

What nationality is the last name Driscoll?

Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hEidirsceóil ‘descendant of the messenger’, from eidirsceól ‘go-between’, ‘intermediary’, ‘news bearer’ (a compound of eidir ‘between’ + scéal ‘story’, ‘news’). Bearers of this Irish surname claim descent from a single 10th-century ancestor.

Is O’Driscoll a Traveller name?

The equality tribunal heard Ms O’Driscoll was a settled Traveller who returned to Carrigaline with her young daughter in the late 1990s. The painter learned from her during conversation that she was a member of the O’Driscoll family, whom he knew to be Travellers.

Where are the driscolls from in Ireland?

Driscolls are principally associated with Cork and Kerry. The vast majority of them are found in Cork in the 20th century censuses. Old records show a light sprinkling of Driscolls in other parts of Ireland.

What’s an O’Driscoll business?

Mr O’Driscoll generates income from corporate speaking and rugby punditry for Newstalk here and BT Sport in the UK. His investments include a joint venture with tech entrepreneur Ray Nolan, where the pair are overseeing the growth of the Ultimate Rugby App and website.

Is Driscoll a Scottish name?

O’Driscoll (and its derivative Driscoll) is an Irish surname stemming from the Gaelic Ó hEidirsceoil clan. The O’Driscolls were rulers of the Dáirine sept of the Corcu Loígde until the early modern period.

How common is the last name Driscoll?

The last name Driscoll is the 11,854th most commonly held family name throughout the world, held by around 1 in 153,665 people.

Who are the O driscolls based on?

7 The Real-Life Outlaw Gang Dalton Gang Upon creating The O’Driscoll Boys, Rockstar might have taken a direct inspiration from the real-life outlaw gang called the Dalton Gang. Like the O’Driscoll Boys, which was formed from a family of O’Driscolls, the Dalton Gang was solely based on the Daltons.

What does the last name Driskill mean?

Before Irish names were translated into English, Driskill had a Gaelic form of O hEidersceoil, from the word eidirsceol, which means an intermediary.

How much does Brian O’Driscoll earn?

Accumulated profit at the company rose by 12 per cent from €7.2 million to €8.1 million. Mr O’Driscoll is listed as a director of the company alongside his father, Frank O’Driscoll. They are listed as having received no remuneration last year, compared with payment of €265,008 in 2019.

What does Brian O’Driscoll work at?

O’Driscoll was involved in Irish Rugby’s unsuccessful bid to hold the 2023 World Cup. He now works as a rugby analyst for BT Sport and ITV Sport in the United Kingdom.

How do you pronounce Driscoll?

Break ‘Driscoll’ down into sounds: [DRISK] + [UHL] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

Where did the O’Driscoll clan come from?

The O’Driscoll Clans were first in South Kerry, then later West Cork, Corca Laoighde, in the County of Cork, Southern Ireland. Dún na Séad Castle in the town centre, now an impressive ruin standing. on a rock overlooking the harbour.

Why did Fineen O Driscoll get his title?

An English title was bestowed on Fineen O’Driscoll for his loyalty, and he so conformed to English customs, as to take his lands by letter patent from Elizabeth. The O’Driscolls were almost always engaged in petty warfare, smuggling, pirating, and raiding.

What did the O’Driscolls do for a living?

The O’Driscolls were almost always engaged in petty warfare, smuggling, pirating, and raiding. It was the custom of the country at the time. During the fifteenth century they and the Waterford people had many an encounter.

When did the O’Driscolls of West Cork leave Ireland?

The O’Driscolls were not exterminated by the newcomers, and remained independent until the year 1232, when Cormac Goth, third son of McCarthy Mor, acquired dominion over the entire region. To the end of the sixteenth century they still possessed Baltimore, Sherkin and Cape Clear, also the adjoining lands, Kilcoe, Creagh, and Aghdown.