Who is the owner of Udinese?

Who is the owner of Udinese?

Giampaolo Pozzo
Udinese Calcio/Owners
Giampaolo Pozzo (born 25 May 1941) is an Italian businessman, currently the owner of Udinese Calcio in Italy. His son Gino is the owner of Watford FC in England.

Who owns Granada CF?

Granada CF

Full name Granada Club de Fútbol, S.A.D.
Owner Daxian 2009 SL
President Rentao Yi
Head coach Robert Moreno
League La Liga

When did Pozzo buy Watford?

In 2012 the family purchased the Watford club, a heavily indebted club struggling to climb their way out of the Fourth Division after having seen their best days in the 1980s.

How good are Granada FC?

Granada CF is number 18 in the La Liga based on detailed 1vs1 performance statistics. The squad has 1 players listed in the top 100 rankings. The next match is against Espanyol on the 07.11. 2021.

Where are Udinese from?

Udine, Italy
Udinese Calcio/Locations

When was Udinese founded?

November 30, 1896
Udinese Calcio/Years founded

Where is Granada CF from?

Granada, Spain
Granada CF/Locations

Who is the captain of Granada FC?


player Age Joined club in
Granada CF
Víctor Díaz Right-Back 33 04 years 03 months 25 days
Jorge Molina Centre-Forward 39 01 year 02 months 04 days
Germán Sánchez Centre-Back 34 04 years 03 months 25 days

How much was Watford FC bought for?

However, the club’s financial situation worsened following the purchase, and in 2002 Watford sold the ground for £6 million in a deal which entitled Watford to buy the stadium back for £7 million in future.

Who is the owner of Watford?

Gino Pozzo
Watford F.C./Owners

How many trophies have Granada won?


Club Domestic
Segunda División Winner 1967/1968, 1956/1957, 1940/1941
Runner-up 2018/2019, 1965/1966
Copa del Rey Runner-up 1959

Why do Granada have no sponsor?

The Spanish government announced a ban on gambling sponsorships last October, citing the negative influence betting brands have on society’s most vulnerable as the reason action must be taken.

Why was Granada relegated to the Fourth Division?

Granada spent most of the following seasons in the Segunda División B, and were relegated to the fourth tier in 2002–03, due to failing to pay its players under the presidency of Francisco Jimena. After four seasons in the fourth division, former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz, along with his son Paco, arrived at the club.

Who is the owner of Granada football club?

Third colours. Current season. Granada Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. ( Spanish pronunciation: [gɾaˈnaða ˈkluβ ðe ˈfuðβol] ), known simply as Granada, is a Spanish football club in the city of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Its main shareholder is the Chinese company Desport, and its president Jiang Lizhang.

When did Granada CF get promoted to La Liga?

After surviving in the top flight for six seasons, Granada was relegated in 2016-17 after being defeated by Real Sociedad. After spending two years in the Segunda Division, Granada was promoted to the La Liga after a 1-1 away draw against RCD Mallorca.

When did Granada FC win the Tercera Division?

In the 2005–06 season Granada won Group 9 of the Tercera División and qualified for the promotional play-offs, where the first rival was Linense. After the two games ended up in 1–1 draws, Granada won in the penalty shootout. After that they had to face Guadalajara, winning 3–1 on aggregate, which gave them promotion to the third tier.