What rifle did Steve McQueen use in Tom Horn?

What rifle did Steve McQueen use in Tom Horn?

1876 Winchester Centennial
In the 1980 Western Tom Horn, starring Steve McQueen, the title character uses an 1876 Winchester Centennial and says he prefers to use that rifle because . 45-60 ammunition is readily available. When authorities arrested the real Tom Horn, he had several cartridges in his pockets, one of which was a . 45-60.

What happened to Tom Horn’s rifle?

Horn gave the rifle to his good friend, Charles B. Irwin, just days before Horn’s execution in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The rifle is well documented by scholars and historians, and has remained in the possession of the Irwin family.

Was Tom Horn a Rough Rider?

And Tom Horn—Pinkerton detective, lawman, champion rodeo star and hired killer – served as a packer who supported some of Roosevelt’s troops at San Juan Hill, but he was not a member of the Rough Riders.

Did Tom Horn use a pistol?

Tom Horn was famed as a gunman. But gun ignorance did him in. He was awaiting execution for the murder of Willie Nickell when he and a pal broke out of the Cheyenne, WY jail on August 9, 1903. Horn grabbed a semi-automatic pistol from a jailer as he ran.

What is a 45 60 caliber?

The . 45-60 Winchester is a centerfire rifle cartridge intended for 19th-century big-game hunting. Nomenclature of the era indicated the . 45-60 cartridge contained a 0.45-inch (11.43 mm) diameter bullet with 60 grains (3.89 g) of black powder.

Was Steve McQueen sick when he filmed Tom Horn?

It is widely believed that McQueen directed much of the movie himself. Filmed at the beginning of 1979, Steve McQueen was already very ill with cancer. He had difficulty breathing, and began coughing up blood towards the end of filming, but assumed he had pneumonia.

What rifle was used in Wanted Dead or Alive?

The Mare’s Leg is the name given to a customized shortened rifle used by Steve McQueen’s character on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958–1961). McQueen’s character was named Josh Randall, and the gun has also been referred to as a Winchester Randall, or a Randall Special.

What crimes did Tom Horn commit?

Believed to have committed 17 killings as a hired gunman throughout the West, Horn was convicted in 1902 of the murder of 14-year-old Willie Nickell near Iron Mountain, Wyoming. Willie was the son of sheep rancher Kels Nickell, who had been involved in a range feud with neighbor and cattle rancher Jim Miller.

Did Tom Horn ever marry?

Horn’s Apache Wife While Horn did not admit in his autobiography that he took an Apache girl as his common-law wife on the San Carlos Reservation, Sawn, whom he called his “housekeeper,” may have been his wife.

Was Tom Horn based on a true story?

On November 20, 1903, the infamous hired killer Tom Horn is hanged for having allegedly murdered Willie Nickell, the 14-year-old son of a southern Wyoming sheep rancher. Born in 1860 in Memphis, Missouri, Horn reportedly showed an aptitude for hunting and marksmanship at an early age.

What kind of rifle is a 45 60?

45-70 government cartridge to operate through the Winchester Model 1876 rifle’s lever-action. The Colt Lightning Carbine and the Whitney Arms Company’s Kennedy lever-action rifle were also chambered for the . 45-60….

.45-60 Winchester
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designed 1879

What kind of rifle did Steve McQueen use?

The plot of the movie Tom Horn turns on the character’s Model 1876 Winchester. This unusual rifle and the rare cartridge it fired ultimately tied McQueen’s character to a murder he did not commit. Most historians state that the real Tom Horn’s rifle of choice was a .30-30 Winchester, likely a Model 1892.

What kind of rifle does Tom Horn use?

Tom Horn ( Steve McQueen) raises the Marble tang rear sight on his Winchester Model 1876 rifle. Horn uses his rifle while tracking down suspected rustlers. Not surprisingly, the Winchester Model 1892 is also used by different characters in the movie.

Is the movie Tom Horn about Steve McQueen?

In many ways Tom Horn is actually Steve McQueen and vice versa. The two men experienced tremendous hardship and tragedy but ultimately faced the end at peace. The film Tom Horn is as much about a rifle as a man. While not necessarily historically accurate, the film narrative orbits around Tom’s unique Winchester.

Where is Tom Horn signature on Cimarron Winchester 1876?

Tom Horn’s signature is engraved across the side of the receiver of this Cimarron Model 1876 Winchester. Tom Horn’s name is engraved across the receiver. In addition, a removable Marble tang rear sight affixes behind the action and perfectly replicates the setup in the movie.