What size speakers are in a 2010 Camaro?

What size speakers are in a 2010 Camaro?

The speakers include a 6.5-inch midrange low in each door, a 1-inch tweeter in the “sail panel” in the lower-forward corner of each front window, a 3.5-inch midrange/tweeter in the center of the dash and a pair of 6×9 two-way coaxials in the rear deck.

How much WHP does a 2010 Camaro SS have?

(The L99 V-8 hooked to the automatic is rated for 400 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque; the LS3-and-manual combo is good for 426 hp and 420 lb-ft.) For comparison, the 315-hp 2010 Ford Mustang GT and the 376-hp, 5.7-liter Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger R/T do the trick in 5.1 seconds.

How much horsepower does a 2010 Camaro SS 6.2 l have?

426 hp
Engine, 6.2L V8 SFI (426 hp [317.6 kW] @ 5900 rpm, 420 lb-ft of torque [567.0 N-m] @ 4600 rpm) (Requires (MN6) 6-speed manual transmission.)

Where is the amp on a 2010 Camaro?

Factory amp is on the back wall of the car on the Driver’s side under the tail light section.

Is a 2010 Camaro a good car?

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro ranks high for its powerful base engine and nimble handling, but some reviewers said it has a claustrophobic interior and poor rearward visibility.

How long does a 2010 Camaro SS last?

A well-maintained Chevy Camaro should last 150,000 miles ( or 15 years ) based on driving 13,500 miles per year. The Camaro can even last up to 200,000 miles with careful use and diligent repairs.

How reliable is a 2010 Camaro SS?

The Camaro is a performance car and therefore a gently used 2010 or 2011 V8 SS model is the one to grab. The Camaro has been remarkably reliable and not changed that much since 2010. Unlike many first year cars, the 2010 models seem to lack teething issues.

Where is the amp in a 2011 Camaro?

You actually will need to remove the carpet, and rear trunk lining to access the stock amp. As stieger said, the amp is located “behind” the driver’s side tail lights.

Where is the amp in a 2012 Camaro?

The factory amp is located in the trunk behind the driver’s side panel, just in front of the rear taillight.

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