What support counters Ezreal?

What support counters Ezreal?

Champions such as Sona, Senna, and Alistar are all good against Ezreal. If you’ve had the unfortunate nature of picking Thresh or Blitzcrank and the enemy locks in Ezreal, here are some tips you can use to make dealing with him a little easier: Bait out his E before looking for the hook.

Who is best against Ezreal?

The best counter picks to use against Ezreal will be Draven, Tristana, and Vayne have a good chance to win the match up.

Who synergizes Ezreal?

Nami: Nami’s E synergises very well with Ezreal’s kit as they apply to his abilities as well.

Does sett counter Ezreal?

Sett Top vs Ezreal Bottom Build & Runes Sett wins against Ezreal 52.05% of the time which is 0.53% higher against Ezreal than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Sett wins against Ezreal 0.7% less often than would be expected.

How do you lane against Ezreal?

4 Answers. The best way i have found to beat an ezreal in lane is to be in a kill lane with leona, blitz, alistar, or taric and make him use his arcane shift if you know a gank from your jungler is coming by using cc on him or pressuring by harrass. Cooldowns are ezreals worst enemy.

Does Caitlyn counter Ezreal?

Caitlyn fights Ezreal in 10.6% of her matches. Caitlyn has done a average job of beating Ezreal. Typically, she wins a acceptable 50.2% of games the champions face one another in.

How do you Lane vs Ezreal?

Who synergizes with Draven?

Draven Team Synergies Regardless of his lane, he does very well when paired with Blitzcrank. This combination usually improves his chances of winning by a few percent. Nami and Brand are also fantastic champions to fight alongside.

How do you play against Ezreal Lux?

Best Lux Runes to Counter Ezreal To have the best likelihood of crushing Ezreal as Lux, Lux players should take the Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Gathering Storm, Cheap Shot, and Eyeball Collection runes from the Sorcery and Domination rune sets.

Is Ezreal good in lane?

Being able to spam Q over and over is what makes Ezreal such a great pick in the mid lane, since no other champion can compare to his poke.

How do you play Caitlyn against ezreal?

Best Caitlyn Runes to Counter Ezreal To have the greatest likelihood of crushing Ezreal as Caitlyn, Caitlyn players should take the Fleet Footwork, Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, Cut Down, Absolute Focus, and Gathering Storm runes from the Precision and Sorcery rune sets.

Does Caitlyn counter JHIN?

Caitlyn fights Jhin in 10.6% of her matches. Unfortunately, Caitlyn does a below average job of beating Jhin. On average, she wins a lowly 48.1% of games the champs clash against one another in.

How does Ezreal counters in the early game?

Ezreal is very fragile so can be burst down quqickly. Ezrael can out bully almost any champions in the early game. His mobility and ranged poke means that Ezrael counters champions with poor mobility. Champions that may dash around or past his abilities will be challenging for him to hit.

Who is the best counter to Ezreal in Moba?

As shown above, Yorick is the best counter to Ezreal with a 55.0% win percentage against him. Close behind, Yuumi and Trundle are the next scariest threats to Ezreal. These two have win rates of 54.0% and 54.0%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a round where any of these other champs has been selected.

Where does Ezreal rank in League of Legends?

Ranked #14 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Ezreal. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Ezreal in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Ezreal Data for all roles taken from 188,595

What do you do with Ezreal’s ultimate in Minecraft?

Ezreal’s ultimate is a narrow AOE skillshot, so don’t be clumped together in narrow jungle paths. He has poor wave clear. Force him to farm under tower. No tips found.