What technology happened in 2004?

What technology happened in 2004?

2004 was the year Skype started to establish itself as the new, 21st century form of telecommunication. While it was still somewhat tethered to old-school telephone rules, Skype and other Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, or VoIP, services were clearly the next step forward.

What technology was around in 2003?

Technology. March – The world’s first digital camera with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is released by Kodak. April 24 – Microsoft released a server operating system Windows Server 2003 to manufacturing.

What computers were used in 2003?

AMD released its first 64-bit processor, the Athlon 64 in 2003. Puppy Linux was introduced in 2003. PCLinuxOS was introduced in 2003. Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit edition (version 2003) for Itanium 2 systems was released on March 28, 2003.

What media is invented in 2003?

Gadgets & Robots

  • Camera Phones.
  • Water Purifier.
  • Mine Sweeper.
  • Lap Cat.
  • Lucky, the Roving Robo-Raptor.
  • Qrio.
  • Intelligent Oven.
  • Power Suit.

What was discovered in 2004?

The discovery of water on Mars was the scientific breakthrough of 2004, according to one of the world’s leading science journals. The water was saline, acidic – and capable of supporting life.

What was the newest and most popular technology in 2005?

Many weird and wonderful new gadgets, gizmos and inventions were revealed in 2005. Autonomous cars, robotic assistants and nano-circuitry provided a bright view of the future, while cellphone viruses, virtual crime sprees and “non-lethal” crowd control weapons hinted at technological troubles ahead.

What was the most popular computer in 2003?


  • Notable computer: Apple Power Mac G5.
  • Price tag: $1,999.
  • Inflation adjusted price: $2,733.

What was popular on the Internet in 2003?

Myspace, Skype and the Safari Web browser debut. 2003: The blog publishing platform WordPress is launched. 2004: Facebook goes online and the era of social networking begins.

What technology came out in the 2000s?

The years 2000-2003 gave us camera phones, USB flash drives, Bluetooth, iPods, the video gaming revolution, LinkedIn, and more.

What scientists died in 2004?


  • January 6 – Thomas Stockham (b. 1933), American electrical engineer and inventor.
  • January 12 – Olga Ladyzhenskaya (b. 1922), Soviet mathematician.
  • February 6 – Humphry Osmond (b.
  • February 21 – John D.
  • March 15.
  • April 6 – Biswa Ranjan Nag (b.
  • April 19 – John Maynard Smith (b.
  • May 27 – Mikhail Postnikov (b.

What was the most popular social networking site in 2004?

Launched in 2004, Facebook later became the most popular social networking site on the web – overtaking its main competitor, MySpace, in April 2008. It also became the most popular site for sharing photos, with 14 million uploaded daily. By 2010, it had over 350 million members – or about one-fifth of all users on the Internet.

What was the name of the browser in 2004?

O’Reilly and Associates popularizes the name “Web 2.0” with their 2004 conference of that name. Most browsers still don’t support Web page editing, but Web 2.0 sites find various workarounds – from wiki and blogging software to commenting features – to give users a voice.

What was the heat wave like in Europe in 2003?

Record heatwaves kill tens of thousands in Europe. The 2003 European heat wave was among the hottest summers ever recorded in Europe. It led to a health crisis in several countries and combined with drought to produce a crop shortfall. Seven days with temperatures of greater than 40°C (104 °F) were recorded in France.