What type of string is best for a bow?

What type of string is best for a bow?

Dacron string
Dacron string works well on older tear drop style compound bows and crossbows. It is also the best bow string material to be used on wooden traditional bows with non-reinforced limb tips. Fast Flight is mainly used on traditional bows with reinforced limb tips and older compound bows.

What size string does my bow need?

Recurve and Longbow Strings Measure its length from string groove to string groove. Once you know the bow’s length, you can determine your bowstring’s length. If you shoot a recurve, your bowstring is usually 4 inches shorter than the bow’s length. If you shoot a longbow, the bowstring is 3 inches shorter.

How much does it cost to get a bow restrung?

It typically costs between $50-$300 to get a compound bow restrung, on average. A bowstring will generally cost between $50-$200, whereas the tools required to do the restring yourself will cost a further $50-$100. The labor to get your bow professionally restrung can be as low as $20.

Can you use twine for bow string?

Making a Bowstring of Linen or Flax Twine Allow 18″ more than the length of your bow. This twine is made of four lays or plies. Open the lays in one end for a distance of 6″. Leave 3½” of twine, and open the twine again.

How long should the string be on a 62 inch recurve bow?

AMO specs state that a recurve or longbow should be braced properly with a bowstring that’s 3” shorter (under 100lbs of tension) than the AMO length of that bow. Most traditional bows will be labeled around the grip area with the AMO length.

How often does a bow need to be restrung?

All bows should be restrung about every two to three years, depending on how often you shoot. Target bows are shot more often and should be restrung every year, while hunting bows can be restrung every two years. All bowstrings that show signs of breaking or fraying should be replaced immediately.

How often should a bow string be replaced?

Properly maintained bowstrings can last about three years, but should then be replaced. The bowstring should also be replaced if it has frays or a broken strand. If you’re unsure whether to replace your bowstring, visit an archery store for assistance.

Can I restring my own compound bow?

The only compound bows that can be restrung by hand are older models with a “teardrop” shaped attachment for the string. These attachment points have two grooves in order to hold two strings at once, allowing you to use the old string to keep the bow in position while you attach the new one.

Are there strings for PSE compound bow models?

We offer strings for every model that PSE Archery makes new or old. Below, you will see a list of the most popular PSE Compound bow models that we build strings for.

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