Where is caste certificate number?

Where is caste certificate number?

The number of the caste certificate is found at the bottom of the certificate in the left hand corner.

How can I find my caste certificate number in AP?

Andhra Pradesh – Obtain Caste Certificate Fill the application form and attach all the required documents. Go to your Meeseva centre and submit the Application and documents along with fees. Meeseva operator will do online process. The applicant will receive an application number as acknowledgement.

Where is the caste certificate number on caste certificate Maharashtra?

Answer: The certificate number in the caste certificate number issued by the Maharashtra Government is present at the top right corner of the certificate. The document also contains the list of documents verified before issuing the same. The certificate is a proof that the applicant belongs to a certain caste.

What is caste certificate?

Caste certificate is a documentary proof of a person belonging to a certain caste, as categorized under the Indian Constitution. It is also commonly known as a community certificate. The issuance system of permanent caste/ community certificate was initiated in Madhya Pradesh.

How can I check my caste certificate online in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, you can apply online for Caste Certificate and check status from the website of aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in. There is no need of visiting Registration office initially to apply and Search for Caste Certificate. Status of Caste Certificate also can be searched online by visiting the website.

Can we download caste certificate online?

Create a new account in the portal or you can fill online application form directly. After the verification is done successfully, you can directly download the caste certificate from the portal itself.

What is caste validity certificate number?

The caste certificate number is located on the left hand corner at the bottom of the certificate. It is similar to an acknowledgement receipt along with the year.

How can I get caste certificate?

Procedure to apply for Caste Certificate Online:

  1. Visit your state’s Backward Class Welfare Portal.
  2. Click on link “Apply for Caste Certificate Online”
  3. Create a new account in the portal or you can fill online application form directly.
  4. After creating the account log in into the portal using the username and password.

Is caste certificate and OBC certificate same?

OBC certificate is different for different states as every state has its OBC caste list. The OBC certificate is made by State Govt. vacancy, OBC certificate issued by state is valid if the caste is in Central OBC list.

Where can I Find my caste certificate number?

The Caste Certificate Number is the number on the right corner of the certificate. The number starts with CC. The number can be used while submitting college scholarship application. Visit the nearest meeseva centre and share your application number to get a printout. Once your Caste Certificate is approved it is valid forever.

What is the objective of MeeSeva portal in India?

It is a good governance initiative that ncorporates the vision of National eGov Plan “Public Services Closer to Home” and facilitates single entry portal for entire range of G2C& G2B services . The objective of MeeSeva is to provide smart, citizen centric, ethical, efficient and effective governance facilitated by technology.

How to get Bhuseva hand book from MeeSeva?

Click here to Download Bhuseva-Hand Book. UIDAI circular on Date of Birth , Gender and Name Change Click here The services shall be delivered through MeeSeva Kiosk with a user charge of Rs. 10/- to be collected. To avail the EPFO Jeevan Pramaan services Click Here For more info.

Where to apply for caste certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, you can apply for Caste Certificate in the nearest meeseva centre. You can download the application form using the below link http://www.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/Application%20Forms%20New/Revenue-pdf/Integrated-SC-and-BC%20Application%20Form.pdf