Where is the serial number on a Bundy flute?

Where is the serial number on a Bundy flute?

To keep the parts of the individual flute together they would often put the full serial number under some of the keys, and on the body, and the foot joint. The full serial number can be hard to see, often under parts of the main body mechanism.

Where is the serial number on a Bundy clarinet?

The serial number will be on the opposite side, above the thumb hole. To check the lower joint, lay it with the keys facing up and look for the logo at the bottom of the joint. The serial number should be near the top on the opposite side. Look in the middle of the bell for the Bundy logo.

How much is a Bundy 2 saxophone worth?

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Is Bundy made by Selmer?

Bundy is a “student” horn produced by Selmer.

Where is the serial number on a flute?

Flute serial numbers can be found on the back of the body, or middle joint. They are commonly placed near the foot joint receiver, or near the top of the body, either on the barrel or near the highest key.

How do I know what model my Bundy clarinet is?

What is a Bundy saxophone worth?

Used instruments vary widely in price, sometimes costing almost as much as a new instrument, sometimes much less. Expect to pay between $200 and $700 for a used Bundy.

Is a Bundy II a good saxophone?

The Selmer Bundy II is a great alto saxophone for intermediate players that want something durable to endure a couple of years but aren’t looking for flawless tunes meant for professional playing. As the case is with plenty of Selmer saxophones, this one is an excellent choice for a dedicated college student.

Who makes Bundy clarinet?

Selmer brothers
In the late 1920’s Bundy purchased the American business from the Selmer brothers, while maintaining the exclusive distributorship of Henri Selmer Paris products in the US. In 1948, Selmer produced the first successfully molded plastic clarinet called the Bundy Resonite 1400.

When did Selmer buy Bundy?

He immediately expanded the store’s assortment by cultivating relationships with various American band instrument and accessory manufacturers. Soon after purchasing the store from the Selmers in 1927, Bundy opened a manufacturing plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

What’s the serial number on a Selmer Bundy saxophone?

I have a Selmer Bundy USA Tenor sax with serial number 653962. Do you know I came across a gold selmer/bundy tenor sax serial number 509994 Elkhart Indiana.

When was the Selmer Bundy student model made?

It is a Bundy I student model made in approximately 1968. The cosmetic condition is quite rough, although from what one can see from the photos, the pads don’t appear to be in too bad of a condition. These are abundantly available, and one in the condition of your horn is in the $200 to $300 ballpark.

Is the Selmer serial number chart available on the Internet?

Selmer Serial Numbers – a Fresh Approach Douglas Pipher, June 20, 2017 The existing Selmer Serial Number Chart has been available on the internet for years. Many saxophonists use it as the authority for determining when an instrument was made. Clearly the first step was to collect as much primary data as possible.

Who was the clarinetist with Henri Selmer?

In 1904 Henri joined with his brother Alexandre to form H. & A. Selmer. Alexandre was an accomplished clarinetist and was able to help Henri while a clarinetist with the Boston Symphony. Henri died in 1941; Alexandre in 1951. At about 1918, George Bundy retained the rights to American distribution.