Where is the University of Regensburg in Germany?

Where is the University of Regensburg in Germany?

www.uni-regensburg.de. The University of Regensburg (German: Universität Regensburg) is a public research university located in the medieval city of Regensburg, Bavaria, a city that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The university was founded on July 18, 1962 by the Landtag of Bavaria as the fourth full-fledged university in Bavaria.

How often does the University of Regensburg admission process happen?

University of Regensburg admissions process happens twice per year for summer and winter courses. The University advises the students looking to study in Germany to start with their application process at least prior six months to avoid last-minute rush.

Who is the most famous professor at the University of Regensburg?

The university’s most famous faculty member is Pope Benedict XVI, who taught from 1969 until he was appointed Cardinal and Archbishop of Munich in 1977.

Who was the previous pope of the University of Regensburg?

Its most famous academic, the previous Pope Benedict XVI, served as a professor there until 1977 and formally retains his chair in theology. Attempts to establish a university in Regensburg had been advocated since the late 15th century.

Is the city of Regensburg a World Heritage City?

The city of Regensburg is a part of UNESCO World Heritage program and is a bustling town which is a hub to various adventurous activities attracting students’ attention. The University provides accommodation facilities inside its campus to the students. Applicants can also look for private student residences in the city of Regensburg.

Is there an application fee for the University of Regensburg?

There is no application fee charged from the students. Proof of German proficiency of at least B2 (for Medicine, Dentistry and Molecular Medicine: at least level C1.) Application portal: Applicants are required to submit their application to the responsible faculty. There is no application fee charged from the students.