Which 1d member played professional football?

Which 1d member played professional football?

Louis Tomlinson
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has played his debut match at Doncaster Rovers football club.

Did Louis Tomlinson play football?

Tomlinson, whose previous football experience had been to play and run his own pub team called Three Horseshoes, had agreed to play in a charity game at the Keepmoat Stadium in his home town of Doncaster to raise money for the Bluebell Wood Charity and was offered a deal by professional football club Doncaster Rovers …

Did Louis Tomlinson play pro soccer?

Tomlinson made his big debut for the professional soccer club, coming in as a substitute in the 65th minute during a match against Rotherham; the game ended in a 0-0 score. But last August, he upgraded, signing a non-contract deal with the soccer (a.k.a. football) club.

What football team does Louis Tomlinson support?

Louis Tomlinson Everybody knows Tomlinson is a massive Doncaster Rovers fan.

What football team does Liam Payne support?

West Bromwich Albion
Payne is a supporter of the football team West Bromwich Albion.

What is Louis Tomlinson Football number?

28Doncaster Rovers F.C. / Defender
Louis Tomlinson/Number
The short and skinny is that Louis Tomlinson loves the number 28. He has it tattooed on his left-hand fingers. He plays football with that number.

Does Louis Tomlinson own a soccer team?

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has used his fortune to buy a professional soccer club. The 22-year-old has bought English league team Doncaster Rovers and is looking to raise around $3.5 million to recruit new players.

Who did Louis Tomlinson play for?

One DirectionSince 2010
Louis Tomlinson/Music groups

What football team does Zayn support?

Malik is a lifelong supporter of Bradford City A.F.C.

What team does Louis Tomlinson play for 2021?

1D’s Louis Tomlinson in Doncaster Rovers football debut.

What football team does Niall Horan support?

Horan, who is 27, has been a Derby supporter all his life and had the chance to watch the squad in action during training and speak to the Rams’ players.