Which is better GVT or PGVT?

Which is better GVT or PGVT?

GVT tiles are suitable for places with heavy footfalls such as airports, shopping malls, gardens, hospitals, etc. whereas, PGVT tiles are recommended for a place with lower footfalls such as home and office.

Which is better double charge or PGVT tiles?

Upper layer of Double Charge is very thick (Around 30% to 50% of total thickness of Tile), which makes surface much stronger when it compares to GVT and PGVT. Because GVT and PGVT has only 1 to 2 mm of glazed layer and on that glazed designs is digitally printed.

Are PGVT tiles good?

These tiles are made from a single layer material and then polished with a special coating to give it a smooth and shining surface. They are variants of vitrified material, which is considered one of the strongest ones among all options.

What is PGVT and GVT tiles?

GVT or PGVT Tile They are single layered tiles pressed in the hydraulic pressing machine under high pressure to attain the durability. These tiles are printed later using the high-quality inkjet printer and various attractive art forms and designs can be made on these tiles.

Which type of vitrified tiles is best?

Full body vitrified tiles have a uniform colour running throughout their thickness. Hence, the tile never fades in its lifetime. This characteristic makes full body vitrified tiles the most suitable for high traffic areas because the scratches are hardly visible. It also makes them the most expensive.

What type of tile is cheapest?

Ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles are the cheapest to install at around $5.00 per square foot while porcelain is typically a few dollars more as it’s harder to work with. Natural stone can be more expensive or hover around the same price point as porcelain depending on the contractor and type of stone.

Which tiles are least expensive?

Ceramic Tile: At less than $1 per square foot, durable ceramic tile makes an excellent inexpensive flooring option. Look for manufactured tile that’s rated at least a 3 on the PEI scale—the industry standard set by the Porcelain Enamel Institute.

What are PGVT tiles?

Polished glazed vitrified tiles or PGVT tiles go through hard-press manufacturing which means that these tiles are highly durable and don’t need much maintenance for long periods of time. The digital design imprinted on the tile surface is around 1-2mm thick which is made of glazed material.

How much does it cost to get pgvt tiles?

These tiles cost around Rs 89 per sq. feet and upwards and are available in different sizes such as 145mm x 600mm, 600×600 mm, 600×1200 mm and 300×300 mm tiles. The unique PGVT tile designs are digitally imprinted on the tile surface which don’t fade or get damaged with the passage of time.

Which is the best brand of GVT tiles?

Indus ceramica is a number one presence within the tiles trade as a Ceramic tiles producer. Indus Ceramica Provides Best Digital Wall Tiles, GVT Tiles, Full body Vitrified Tiles, Sanitaryware and many products With an Effective Price. Indus ceramica is a number one presence within the tiles trade as a Ceramic tiles producer.

What do polished glazed Vitrified tiles look like?

PGVT or polished glazed vitrified tiles are highly polished tiles on which the design is digitally printed to give it a glazed look. These tiles look so snazzy as well as beautiful that they can surely win everyone’s hearts at the very first look.

What kind of Tile Company is Seron Granito?

Seron is a company that combines a wide range of products and size for the design of tiles with unrivalled technical, artistic and organisational standards.