Who is Lisa longball?

Who is Lisa longball?

Lisa is an 8-Time Canadian Long Drive National Champion for women. She placed Top 5 at the 2016 World Long Drive Championships, she is an LDA Tour Champion and a Callaway Golf sponsored athlete. Lisa currently holds the Canadian Women’s Long Drive record at 350 yards 2 feet 2 inches.

How far can Lisa Longball drive?

2 feet, 2 inches
Lisa was the first woman to hit a golf ball over the length of three and a half NFL Football fields and currently holds the Canadian Women’s Long Drive Record at 350 yards, 2 feet, 2 inches.

Is Lisa Longball left handed?

One thing that hasn’t been totally straightforward, Lisa says, laughing, is how her phone has flipped her around to appear left-handed. She has had hundreds of people proclaim their excitement, believing Lisa is left-handed, but it’s not the case: it’s just a snafu with her phone.

Where is Lisa Longball from?

“I was a non-golfer, a complete non-golfer, and I discovered I had this weird, freaky ability to hit the ball,” says the seven-time Canadian long-drive champ and world No. 3. Once she realized her drive was extraordinary, the Calgary-born Vlooswyk enrolled in an amateur tournament, finishing mid-pack.

Who is the women’s long drive champion?

Chloe Garner upsets Phillis Meti with a 347-yard drive to claim her first World Long Drive Championship title.

What is the longest golf drive by a woman?

413 yards
Phillis Meti 2006, 2016 & 2018 Women’s World Long Drive Champion. WR for women’s longest drive 413 yards and being the youngest female World Champion 19 years, 2 months.

Who is the current World Long Drive Champion?

Kyle Berkshire
Again. Kyle Berkshire, a former member of UNT’s golf program, won the Professional Long Drivers Association’s World Championship for the second straight time late last week. Berkshire made his way through the tournament by smashing one long drive after another in Mesquite, Nevada.

How far can the average woman drive a golf ball?

The average driving distance for female club amateurs is 146 yards. Female golfers with a handicap of 6 or better average 195 yards.

How far can female golfers drive?

The average driving distance for a female golfer on the LPGA tour is about 250 yards. These women can hit their 7 iron close to 160 yards. The LPGA tour golfers seem like such long hitters compared to the average female golfer because of their swing speed.

Who is the best long drive champion?

Notable long drivers

  • Kyle Berkshire, World Long Drive Champion – 2021.
  • Kyle Berkshire, World Long Drive Champion – 2019.
  • Maurice Allen, World Long Drive Champion – 2018.
  • Justin James, World Long Drive Champion – 2017 – Ranking #1 in the World was maintained until June 2019.
  • Joe Miller, World Long Drive Champion 2010 & 2016.

What is the world record long drive?

515 yards
The world record recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest drive in a competition is 515 yards by 64-year-old Mike Austin in 1974 at the US Senior National Open Qualifier with a 43.5″ steel shafted persimmon wood driver.

How far can an average woman hit a driver?

Average Female Amateur Driving Distances Based on Handicap According to the 2019 USGA Distance Report, the average drive for a female amateur is 147.9 yards.

Who is Lisa Longball and what does she do?

As a Brand Ambassador for leading brands such as Callaway Golf, Golf Town and Nike Vision, Lisa brings an enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant voice to the men and women of the Golf World. Her influence in the Golf Community is well known throughout North America.

Who is Lisa longball, Canadian long drive champion?

As an 8-Time Canadian Long Drive Champion, Lisa Longball will inspire and guide you through this process. Lisa is a highly sought after Keynote Speaker that specializes in Peak Performance and Resiliency. Book Lisa Longball as your KEYNOTE SPEAKER at your next Conference, Meeting or Convention. ARE YOU READY TO SHAVE 6 STROKES OF YOUR GAME?

How many national long drive championships does Lisa have?

After spending countless hours on the course, years playing golf, and winning 8 National Long Drive Championships, Lisa shares some of the cool tips she has learned along the way. You can only give so many sleeves of golf balls or custom engraved ball markers as gifts.