Who owns Buffalo Rock?

Who owns Buffalo Rock?

James C. Lee, III, “Jimmy,” currently serves as Executive Chairman and Owner of Buffalo Rock Company, one of the largest privately held, family-owned Pepsi franchises in the United States.

How many employees does Buffalo Rock have?

2,100 employee
The mission of the Buffalo Rock Company is to be the premier provider of beverages and food products. We have 10 divisions inclusive of 2,100 employee-partners who are committed to this mission.

Is Buffalo Rock ginger ale still being made?

Currently, Buffalo Rock is distributed in the southeast and shipped to numerous customers around the country. Produced and marketed in Birmingham, Alabama by the Buffalo Rock Company, 111 Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35209, (205) 942-3435.

Who is the CEO of Buffalo Rock Pepsi?

Buffalo Rock is the nation’s largest privately-held, family-owned Pepsi and Dr Pepper bottling company, with more than 2,100 employees and a reach that includes Alabama, western Georgia and the Florida panhandle. Lee will continue to serve daily as executive chairman and will be involved in company strategy.

Who was the founder of Buffalo Rock Company?

With investments from bankers Erskine Ramsay, George McCormack and Henry Badham Sr, Lee opened a small bottling plant on 1st Avenue North. Their product was an immediate local success with soda shops selling Buffalo Rock floats and saloons mixing the soda into their own concoctions.

Who is the CEO of Buffalo Rock ginger ale?

Buffalo Rock is the maker of Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale and, since 1951, the Birmingham-area bottler and distributor of Pepsi-Cola products. The CEO of Buffalo Rock is James C. Lee III, and its president is Matthew Dent.

Where is the Buffalo Rock Company in Georgia?

Buffalo Rock Company. The Buffalo Rock Company is a family-owned beverage bottler and distributor with more than 2,100 employees. It is headquartered at 111 Oxmoor Road in Homewood, and operates 14 distribution centers in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.