Who were the NY Jets quarterbacks?

Who were the NY Jets quarterbacks?

Zach Wilson
Mike WhiteJoe Flacco
New York Jets/Quarterbacks

Who was the quarterback for the New York Jets in 1980?

Richard Todd
These quarterbacks have started at least one game played for the New York Jets of the National Football League. They are listed in order of the date of each player’s first start….Regular season.

Season(s) Quarterback (games)
1979 Richard Todd (15) / Matt Robinson (1)
1980 Richard Todd (16)
1982 Richard Todd (9)

Who was the Jets quarterback in 1986?

Ken O’Brien

Pos Player Age
QB Ken O’Brien 26
RB Freeman McNeil 27
FB Tony Paige 24
WR Al Toon*+ 23

Who did the Jets draft in 1983?

Johnny Hector
Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Ken O’Brien 1984
2 Johnny Hector 1983
3 Jo-Jo Townsell 1985

Who was the best Jets QB ever?


Rk Player QBrec
1 Joe Namath 60-61-4
2 Ken O’Brien 50-55-1
3 Richard Todd 42-51-1
4 Chad Pennington 32-29-0

How many quarterbacks have the Jets had since Joe Namath?

The Jets haven’t had much quarterback success since Joe Namath left town after the 1976 season. Since then, they’ve had 34 different starting quarterbacks. On Thursday night, they’ll likely pick BYU’s Zach Wilson second overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, making him No.

Who is the famous quarterback for the New York Jets?

QB Mike White
White-Hot Quarterback Performance Makes History, Breathes Life Into Jets Organization. New York Jets QB Mike White delivered an unforgettable performance in a win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the type of game Jets fans haven’t seen in a long time..

Who did the Jets draft instead of Marino?

April 26, 1983 “Who’s he?” – Don Shula when the Jets took Ken O’Brien with the 24th pick in the 1983 draft, leaving Dan Marino for the Dolphins.

Who was in Dan Marino draft class?

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player
25 Cincinnati Bengals Dave Rimington
26 Los Angeles Raiders Don Mosebar
27 Miami Dolphins Dan Marino
28 Washington Redskins Darrell Green

Who is the best QB in New York?

The Best: Eli Manning The NY Giants have a rich, illustrious history at the quarterback position – and Eli Manning stands above them all. Perhaps the most beloved player in franchise history, Manning represented the phrase Giants Pride.

Who was the most famous New York Jets quarterback?

1. Joe Namath (196501976)